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Losing weight can be quite challenging especially when you find your weighing scale not dropping a bit even after all your efforts. One of the important factors affecting weight loss is stay motivated and target your goals. To get yourself in right track and to lose weight for that college prom night or wedding party you need to follow a plan that can help you to achieve your goal. Here we are giving you a 3 week plan that you can follow to lose weight quickly and look your best at any given day :

1. Avoid Alcohol

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Alcoholic drinks are filled with empty calories. On an average each glass of these beverages contains 90 to 200 calorie. Limit your calorie intake by cutting down on your alcohol consumption. Another reason you must avoid alcohol is that it damages your liver and pancreas which help to digest food, converts nutrients into energy and allows regulating sugar. This process prevents your body from having craving and thus you avoid eating unhealthy foods.

2. Eat Right Foods

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In of eating foods that are high in their sugar value, or are full of carbohydrates consider eating fresh vegetables or fruits. Avoid eating processed foods and adopt healthy food habits. You will notice that you are less bloated when you make slight changes in your diet. This will also detox your system from the chemicals and cleanse your system.

3. Avoid Sugar

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Avoid sugar in all its forms, whether its honey or maple syrup or molasses, they all add to substantial amount of sugar in your body. Sugar slows down your metabolism and instead of using fats, it uses carbohydrates as fuel. Sugar also adds up to the fat that accumulates around your tummy and leads to insulin resistance. According to experts reducing sugar intake is the best way to lose weight. Sugar spikes up insulin levels which make you feel hungrier and thus you end up eating more and this results in weight. To break this circle, cut sugar completely from your diet and see the change in your body.

4. Give A Break To Your Digestive System

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Your digestive system works hard to break down and absorb the foods. Give a break to your system and follow a fast for one day. Next day consider eating healthy diet which includes vegetables to rebalance the ability of your body to reuse fuel efficiently. For next few days follow a diet that is full of proteins and as much vegetables as you can. This will prevent from binge eating and make you feel lighter.

5. Make Exercising Fun

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Following an extensive workout schedule can increase your cravings. Instead of adopting intense training, add some fun to your exercising regime. Go for walks, skipping ropes, jogging, swimming, yoga, play a sport you love or go dancing. The idea is to get your body moving in way that you enjoy. This process will rev up your metabolism and keep you stress free which will help you to lose weight considerably.

6. Why 3 Weeks For The Challenge

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Follow the above given habits for 3 weeks and see noticeable changes in your body. The idea to keep the challenge for 3 weeks is that it takes 3 weeks for a person to break their habit. Give up on unhealthy food choices and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Giving up on unhealthy foods goes a long way in losing weight. Follow a healthy lifestyle and see a considerable change in your body.

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