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Obesity has been a major health disorder that almost 25% of people in the world are facing today. In the United States, this figure has crossed the 40% mark. There are several factors that lead to obesity. Most of these issues link to our habits and daily workload. If you are someone with a busy routine and all you have to do is do a desk job, then chances are that sooner or later you will gain weight.

There are various other reasons as well, with almost no moderate physical activity and an unhealthy diet can lead to obesity. People who consume fried food, starchy vegetables, and processed meat often gain weight and fat. These foods contain carbs that your body can’t digest properly and if you are consuming more than your body requires to maintain the weight then all that food will be turned as fat storage.

Gaining weight is easy, you won’t even know and the next day your weight will be up by 2 KGs. The difficult part is to lose all that fat and weight. Although there are several ways in which you can control your weight. You can do daily exercise, go for a morning walk, and follow a healthy diet that contains foods like fish, bone broth, green tea, and vegetables. These foods will boost your metabolism and all that food that you consume will be turned into energy. The following list of foods will help in your weight loss journey.


When it comes to weight and fat loss, you can’t find anything better than fish. Seafood is low in carbs and this allows your body to burn all that extra fat. The reason why your body burns all that fat is that when you consume fewer carbs in your diet, your body will go into a carb-deficit state.

This will force your body to burn the fat and use it as a new source of energy. Salmon, mackerel, and tuna are some of the fish that are filled with healthy nutrients that help in weight loss as well.


Studies have shown that people who drink green tea daily notice visible results in their weight loss. Green tea consists of dried herbs that contain several fat burning nutrients and drinking it in the warm water will also help your digestive system.

Once your digestive system is healthy it will absorb all the nutrients and dispose any waste material that you consume. Green tea also helps in boosting the metabolism. Apart from that, you will notice a glow on your skin once you start drinking green tea. 


Broths are cooked on a slow heat and it contains all the nutrients of bone marrow. Bone broth is rich in amino acids that improve your gut health and also boost your metabolism. As it is cooked with the cow, chicken, and duck bones. It is rich in protein and other healthy nutrients that help with your weight loss.

Consuming protein-rich foods will improve metabolism and once you have a healthy metabolism it will automatically start burning your fat as well. Beef bone broth is more beneficial in this case and you should consume it.

4.  EGGS

Another good source of protein and other nutrients. Consuming 3-4 eggs daily will help in your weight and fat loss journey. Although you should keep in mind that you have to consume these eggs with its yolk. As it contains a high amount of fats and carbs.

You should avoid foods that are high in carbs. This is why consume boiled egg whites is important for fat loss. You can consume it with a bowl of salad or use it as a side snack to treat your untimely hunger.


These are some of the foods that help in losing weight and fat. All these foods are rich in healthy nutrients that will give several other health benefits as well. Consuming these foods will also prevent any other chronic health disorder as well. These foods will reduce the chance of any heart attack and GERD. So start consuming these foods and include them in your diet to notice the great difference in your weight.

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