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Our body has its own way of telling us that it is sensitive to certain foods. We either get acne breakout or allergic reaction or migraines after eating certain foods. However at times it is difficult to recognize single food item that we are sensitive to. Eliminating certain foods from your diet can save you from these issues. You can remove some foods from your diet to find if the allergy or other such reactions still exists or not. To do this here we are giving you certain foods that you will need to eliminate from your diet:

1. How Food Sensitivity Effects Your Body

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Before looking at the foods that you must eliminate from your diet, here’s a look what food allergies can do to your body. Food allergies or sensitivity can lead to one or more of following : • Certain foods can trigger asthma, migraines, skin issues, bipolar diseases. • Some foods can cause rashes, acne breakouts or inflammation on skin • Food sensitivity can cause poor digestion, issues in gastro-intestinal tract, heart burn, nausea, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

2. How To Follow The Elimination Diet

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To find how your body reacts to certain foods, the elimination process is divided into 2 phases. In the 1st phase you eliminate certain foods from various food categories that might be causing the issues in your body. You will need to eliminate these foods from your diet for 3 weeks. After 3 weeks in the 2nd phase you will re-introduce the same foods in gap of every 3 days in your diet. Focus on the food category for 3 days to notice any changes in your body. After re-introducing the foods watch out for the symptoms such as skin reactions joint pains, fatigue, bloating, inflammation, respiratory issues or any other changes to find the sensitivity to the food.

3. Here’s a look at which foods can be eaten and which ones to avoid in each food category:

• Fruits

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You can have all fruits in this diet as fruits are beneficial for skin and provide nutrients to your body. Avoid citrus fruits and nuts during this diet.

• Vegetables

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Include all green vegetables in your diet, you can also include coloured veggies in raw, steamed or sautéed forms. Veggies that you will need to eliminate from your diet are tomatoes, eggplants, beans, tofu, peas and beans.

• Starches

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It is allowed to have rice during the elimination diet. However you will need to avoid all foods that have gluten in them. For example avoid wheat, barley, corn and oats to see if you are sensitive to gluten.

• Meat & Fish

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Avoid chicken, eggs, meats, sausages and other processed meats. Instead of these you can have fish, turkey and lamb as they serve as a good source of nutrition to your body.

• Dairy Products

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Replace dairy milk with rice or coconut milk, this will also prevent your body from allergic reactions as well as control your fat intake.

• Fats

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Consume healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil or flaxseed oil. Avoid having butter, spreads and mayonnaise.

• Spices

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While you are on elimination diet, you can have salt, pepper and fresh herbs in your diet. However you will need to eliminate all kinds of sauces, dips, mustard sauces and chocolate sauces.

• Sweeteners

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Avoid sugar in all forms, even in form of honey or maple syrups or any other sweetener.

• Beverages

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The only beverage you can have in elimination diet is water. Avoid soft drinks, frizzy drinks and alcohol while on this diet.

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