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In today’s modern age, due to busy routine lives, people tend to follow an unhealthy lifestyle which leads weight gain. Two major aspects of losing weight are eating healthy and balanced diet and following a workout schedule. However due to lack of time many of us are unable to make time for gym and workout. Today we are sharing with you a few simple exercises that will help you to burn calories and shed those extra pounds. Follow these easy exercises to lose weight at home along with a healthy diet and lifestyle and see you body get in shape in no time : 1. Push Ups - To do this exercise, raise and lower your body with support of your arms. This exercise trains your arms, shoulders and chest muscles. 2. Crunches are another powerful exercise that targets your belly fat. This move strengthens your abdominal muscles and tightens your belly. 3. Next in our list of easy exercise to lose weight at home are the planks. Planks are isometric exercises that build endurance and strengthen and condition your core. Planks keep burning calories even after you have completed your workout and thus help to reduce weight faster. 4. Squats work on your glutes, buttocks and legs. This move tones up your upper body, improves circulation burns excess calories from your body. It increases your body strength and muscle mass and helps to get rid of fats and cellulites. 5. Another exercise to lose weight is the forward lunges that target your leg muscles and glutes. This move increases your heart rate and burn fats. Follow alternate lunges to tone and shape up your legs. 6. Cardio exercises like walking, running, jogging, swimming, cycling or up-hill walking are best to increase your heart rate and reduce weight. These exercises strengthen your heart muscles, improve circulation and burn calories. You can even indulge in modern cardio workouts like zumba dance, aerobics etc. 7. Yoga exercises not only bring peace to your mind and body but also burns calories. Yoga poses are easy exercises to lose weight at home. Follow yoga poses like Tadasana, Padmasana, Bhunjangasana and Balasana to get rid of fats from your body.

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