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From the time a girl reaches her puberty to rest of her life, a woman’s body constantly goes under hormonal changes. These changes usually occur during the growing years of teenage, pregnancy, menopauses and during the time of monthly cycles. During this time, women usually get irritable, get annoyed and also have mood swings. Hormonal changes also bring changes in your skin and hair as it becomes oilier. Hormonal changes actually play a vital role in a woman’s health and often reflect on her everyday behaviour as well. Scroll over to find what are the indications and signs of hormonal changes in the body :

1. Lack Of Sleep

1 Women become more venerable to sleep disorders due to hormonal changes in their body. These changes play havoc on the sleep pattern and cause sleep disturbances. Women who in their pre menopause age often get hot flashes during nights and get irritable. Women generally get hot flashes during the first part of night which disturbs their sleep. If you find yourself not being able to sleep, blame it all on your hormones. This holds true even if you are not in pre menopause age.

2. You Get Fatigued And Tired Easily

2 Many women face crashing fatigue wherein they feel exhausted and feel that they are drained out of energy. Along with this there is tiredness in body, irritability and lack of sleep and other such symptoms. When estrogen hormones dip in the body, it triggers’ stress causing hormones and this leads to fatigue in your body. Also drop in testosterone hormone levels in woman’s body leads to fatigue.

3. Cravings For Unhealthy Foods

3 As the hormones like estrogen and testosterone drop in the woman’s body, the cravings for various junk foods rises. You would find yourself wanting eat more and more of sugary foods and you will find yourself having craving for fast foods and end up gorging on unhealthy food items.

4. Increase In Weight

4 When your body goes through hormonal changes, the drop in estrogen and drop in stress hormones leads to increase in body weight. You would notice excess fat around your belly and thighs. Drop in hormones also causes you to eat more and your cravings to eat unhealthy foods add excess pounds in the body. However it has been observed that even if you are eating only healthy foods and even following an exercise routine, you keep gaining weight cause of your hormonal changes.

5. Mood Swings

5 When you find yourself getting easily irritable and lethargic, you know it is hormonal imbalance which is causing the chaos in your body. Estrogen usually increase the serotonin in our bodies, which keeps us in good mood and as the estrogen levels drop, there is drop in happy hormones in our body. This imbalance of hormones leads to mood swings and causes anxiety and mood swings. In some women it even leads to depression.

6. Headaches

6 Another symptom associated with hormonal imbalance is the throbbing headache. Women often complain of depleting migraines and headaches specially when its that time of the month or even post pregnancy. As the estrogen and progesterone fluctuate in your body, a dip in the levels disturbs the chemicals in your brain which results in form of severe headaches. Although this is said to settle down post menopause, the condition can also worsen among some women.

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