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Dogs are the best running partner. It can be a lot of fun for both you and your pooch and a great way to strengthen your bond. But not all dog breeds are equipped for being overly athletic. Athletic breeds have been developed and evolved through centuries of endurance. The best breeds for runners are those within the sporting, herding, or terrier groups. Mixed breed dogs are also good. If you’re interested in getting a dog and know you love the idea of adopting a furry jogging buddy, these are the best breeds to look out for:


Dalmatians are an anomaly as they do not fall into the athletic categories above. But they’re natural athletes and have been an important part of the workforce for centuries. Before the invention of sirens, dalmatians would run alongside fire carriages and bark to clear bystanders from the route. They’ve also been used as carrier dogs next to horse-drawn carriages. Dalmatians need plenty of exercise, so make the perfect polka dot sprinting pal.

Border Collies

The classic sheepdog is also great for runners. Border collies are one of the smartest dog breeds, and they love to be constantly moving. They can run extremely fast for long periods of time – so you might have your hands full if you were looking to take it slow!

Siberian Huskies

These fun-loving, fluffy pooches are hard workers. After decades of hauling sleds through dense snow, they are full of energy and love to run. As they are naturally used to cooler temperatures, it’s not recommended that you take your husky on long runs in warmer conditions.


Terriers like a Jack Russel, wire fox terriers, and a Parson Russell are full of life and love to bounce around and run. They’re often used on fox hunts as they are small, agile, and incredibly fast.

German Pointers

A lesser-known dog breed is a German Pointer. They love to exercise and have the perfect strength, speed, and endurance that you’re looking for in a running partner. Shorthaired or wirehaired pointers enjoy long-distance runs both in warm or cool temperatures.

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds are agile, intelligent, and athletic. From the same herding group as Border Collies, they’re passionate for mental and physical stimulation. Although these breeds are great running partners, they do have longer coats – meaning they’re a better companion for cooler temperatures. Make sure to keep their undercoats well-groomed so that their skin can breathe during the summer months. You can find out more about grooming at


Athletic by design, a Weimaraner is the ideal jogging pal for both long and short routes. Exercise is incredibly important for this breed, and without it, they can suffer from behavioral issues and anxiety. They love lots of different types of exercise and can tolerate the heat, so they’re the perfect breed for runners across the world. Although these dogs are more than happy to take on a jogging adventure, it’s important to remember to prioritize their needs. Dogs will need regular breaks and plenty of water. If there are any signs of your pup struggling, breathing, or limping, it’s time to go home.

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