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Your may have built strong Pecs and 6 pack abs, however your body will not look aesthetically neat unless you develop a V shaped back too. A strong posture and compact core is something that would ideally the fit beach body bill. Getting a well sculpted back is not something you can achieve easily as this is a large muscle. But you can get there by following 4 steps that we are sharing here with you. Read on as we give you quick guide to get an impressive V-shaped back :

1. Shape Your Shoulders

1 Image: Source Your shoulders play an important role in developing your back. Well developed shoulders will give an illusion of narrow waist and once you have a well sculpted upper body you will have V shaped back. To train your shoulders, follow a shoulder training workout once a week. You can include exercises like dumbbell press, front dumbbell raises, reverse Flyes and shoulder presses to train your shoulders.

2. Widen Your Back

2 Image: Source Once you have already started to train your shoulders, next step to get a V shaped back is to widen your back to create a visual impact. To achieve this you must include wide grip pull ups. Keep your hands shoulder length apart so that there is lesser load on your biceps and gets shifted to the broad muscles of your back. Alternatively you can also do wide grip front lat pull downs. This move allows you to adjust your weight and helps to strengthen your back.

3. Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Image: Source Next step towards developing a V back with would to cut on fats from your tummy. Having a big belly and a V back won’t look appealing at all. Engage in high intensity cardio to burn calories and cut fats from your tummy. Experts suggest Tabata Intervals Method in which you pick any cardio and perform intense 20-seconds set and then take 10 seconds rest and repeat.

4. Keep Your Back Straight

4 Image: Source All your efforts to get V back will go in vain if you don’t maintain a right posture. Keep your posture straight all the time and develop a habit to sit, stand walk with upright straight

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