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Lose 30 pounds in a week without consuming sugar by Detox weight loss plan. Each time you talk of weight loss, one of the first advice that comes from every corner is to cut down on your sugar consumption. With so many kinds of sweet delicacies, chocolates, desserts, shakes, ice-creams, cakes, and a huge variety of sugar based foods, it is almost impossible to avoid sugar. However as we all know sugar is not only responsible for weight gain but also leads to ailments like diabetes and hypertension. It is thus imperative to remove sugar from your diet. Scroll over as we explore a healthy diet plan that will detox your body, help you to shed pounds and of course help you to give up on sugar :

1. Side Effects Of Sugar

1 Image: Source Sugar is actually nothing but a food enhancer that has a very less or no nutritive value. But sugar is very addictive and works like drugs in your body. If you are in habit of consuming sugar based foods, each time you don’t have sugary foods, you start feeling depressed. If you are unable to resist sugary foods, it means you are already addictive. Sugar has many side effects on your health and leads to lifestyle diseases like diabetes. Sugar triggers fatigue, makes your body lethargic, leads to pre-mature aging, can cause ulcers, reduces immunity and depletes energy from your body.

2. Sugar Detox Diet

We have already seen how bad sugar can be for your body. To combat sugar addiction here is a detox plan that will help you to give up sugar and shed some extra pounds off your waist.

• Monday

2 Image: Source Breakfast – 2 baked eggs and 1 serving of cheesy spinach. Morning snack – Few roasted almonds. Lunch – Low carb cheesy peppers and bowl full of green salad. Evening Snack – ¼ cup low fat and part skimmed ricotta cheese with 2 drops of stevia and ¼ tsp of vanilla extract. Dinner – Tomato, spinach and cucumber salad with baked chicken.

• Tuesday

3 Image: Source Breakfast - Sundried tomato feta omelette. Morning snack – Few roasted almonds. Lunch – Spinach and chicken with peppers. Evening snack – Spinach and raw vegetables sprinkled with lemon juice. Dinner – Turkey with lettuce and mushrooms, peppers and sautéed spinach. You can have cheese sticks all through this day.

• Wednesday

4 Image: Source Breakfast – Peanut butter smoothie Morning snack – 3 boiled egg whites. Lunch – Turkey with lettuce, tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers and bowl full of green salad made with vinegar and olive oil dressing. Evening Snack – Feta cheese with frittata omelette. Dinner – 1 serving of vegetable soup, grilled chicken seasoned with fresh herbs. In between meals you can have vanilla chia pudding made with dairy without any sugar or sugar substitute.

• Thursday

5 Image: Source Breakfast –Omelette prepared with veggies and peppers. Morning snack – Cheese sticks Lunch – Grilled chicken and cilantro salad. Evening snack - Peanut butter with celery. Dinner – Diced zucchini cheese and 1 serving of chicken with bean stew. You can have cucumbers with low fat cottage cheese as snack in between the meals.

• Friday

6 Image: Source Breakfast – Omelette with veggies and peppers. Morning snack – Vegetable salad made with Mediterranean feta sauce. Lunch – 1 bowl vegetable soup, tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and green salad made with olive oil dressing. Evening snack – Green salad with feta cheese, cucumber and tomatoes. Dinner – Cheesy bread sticks. You can have vanilla chia pudding as your in between meals snacks. Make sure it is made without sugar.

• Saturday

7 Image: Source Breakfast – crust free egg muffins Morning snack – raw veggies dipped in Mediterranean sauce Lunch – cheesy bread sticks Evening snack - raw veggies dipped in Mediterranean sauce Dinner – chicken drumsticks with garlic and lemon with zucchini noodles. For in between meal snack, you are allowed to have boiled egg whites.

• Sunday

8 Image: Source Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and sautéed spinach. Morning snack – ½ cup cottage cheese. Lunch – Zucchini soup and light veggie soup. Evening snack – Few roasted almonds. Dinner – Green beans salad and chicken drumsticks. Chia pudding made without sugar can be taken as your between meals snack.

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