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It is a common habit for most of us to drink a cup of tea or coffee as soon as we get up. Some people even drink a glass of cold water upon waking up to quench their thirst. But did you know that drinking cold water or coffee or any other hot or cold beverage early in the morning is actually damaging your body. Instead of cold water, drinking warm water as soon as you wake up is the best practice you can adopt for your body. According to experts and researchers, drinking warm water in morning helps you resolve many health issues like migraines, coughs, high blood pressure, digestive issues and many other health issues. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach is the best way to kick starts your day. Warm water boosts up your metabolism and is beneficial for your over well being . Scroll over to find some amazing benefits of this wonder drink called warm water:

1. Detoxifies Body

1 We all know that water is aids in cleansing out the toxins from our body. When you heat water, it gets charged up and it penetrates deeper in your body. Warm water gets easily absorbed by your body and the heat makes it easier for the water to eliminate the impurities and toxins from your body. Drinking water in morning increases your body temperature and it flushes out the toxic materials from your body.

2. Eases Bowel Movement

2 Drinking a warm cup of water in morning helps to break down the food particles in your stomach and keep your digestive tract in good condition. Warm water breaks down foods faster and makes it easy for you to digest the foods. Warm water also stimulates your colons and thus eases out the bowel movements and allows proper abortion food for rest of the day.

3. Relieves Pains

3 If you are suffering from migraines, headaches then warm water is one stop solution for all your pains. Warm water also relives muscular pains and pains in joints. Apart from this if you have sore throat, drinking warm reduces the swelling and provides relief. Drinking warm water in morning soothes all kinds stomach cramps and relaxes your body aches. Warm water enhances the capillaries and relieves muscle cramps.

4. Improves Circulation

4 Drinking glass warm water in morning eliminates the fat deposits and toxins that are present in your blood. Once your body gets free of these waste materials, your blood circulation improves and this lowers the risks of various health issues. Additionally warm water activates and warms up your body from inside which automatically improves blood circulation in the body.

5. Helps To Lose Weight

5 If you are weight loss regime, drinking warm water on an empty stomach will help you to shed those extra pounds. Warm water increases your body temperature and this accelerates your metabolic rate. Heightened metabolic rate helps you to break down body fats easily and allows your body burn more calories throughout the day. A study revealed that women who were given warm water had a notable decrease in their hunger, weight and body mass index.

6. Slows Down Aging

6 You can prevent the process of aging by drinking warm water as the first thing in the morning. This has been an age old secret of many women across the globe. Warm water repairs the skin cells, improves the skin elasticity by eliminating the toxins and rejuvenates your skin by removing impurities from your body.

7. Side Effects Of Cold water

7 As you come home from the heat of summers, the first thing you reach out for is a glass of cold water. This certainly cools you down and is very refreshing, but at the same time cold water is also harming your body internally. • Having Cold Water Affects Your Digestion Process Adversely – Just as for your skin, warm water open pores and cold water closes the pores, for your digestive system too water works in similar manner. Cold water restricts the digestive tract and makes the process of digestion difficult. When you drink cold water, your body starts using its energy to warm up the water which was actually suppose to get used for digesting the food. As result of this, your digestion process gets delayed and your body gets fatigued. • Cold Water Causes Indigestion – Your body accumulates toxins, constricts the blood vessels and reduces hydration. • Weakens Immunity System – Drinking ice cold water leads to mucus formation and makes your body more prone to catch cold and flu. • Cold Water Solidifies Fats In Blood Stream – Since the process of digestion gets delayed cold water solidifies fats from the food and these fats get stored in your blood.

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