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Women love to keep to their hair long not just because that it makes them look attractive but they can always make some fun and chic hairstyles with their long hair. Long hair has advantage over short or medium hair as you can create all kinds of different styles on it. While simple ponytails and braids are best go options, you would always need to keep a few hairstyle options in mind for special days and occasions. Scroll over to explore some of the trending hairstyles for long hair that will give you cute and classy looks :

1. Classic Chignon Hairstyle

1 Even if you are running late, all this hairstyle takes is 2 -3 minutes to make, simply roll up your hair and fix them in place with bobby pins. Adorn this classy look to get a charming look for the day.

2. Cute Honey Bun For Summers

2 Get summer ready with this cute honey bun and get the girls coming to you to learn the style from you. You will the attention you will get when you adorn this chic style, just roll up a sock into your hair and use a hairspray to keep it in place.

3. Sleek Vixen Hair

3 Get an elegant look with sleek vixen hairdo and let your friends get the envious of your attractive look. Straighten your hair and gather them in the middle and twist them to create a sleek look. Secure the look with bobby pins.

4. Tuck And Cover

4 Get your hair ready to hit the beach party with the summer friendly tuck and cover hairstyle. All you need to make this hairstyle is a stretchable hair band and hairspray to keep the style in place. Wrap in your hair in the hair band and tuck them in neatly taking care that all fly aways and tails are all tucked in well.

5. The Knot Pony

5 Upgrade your classic pony with this chic and cute pony with knots. Apply mouse to get the right texture and simply divide your hair into 2 parts, criss cross them and tie a knot in between the 2 sections and secure it with elastic.

6. Twisted Bun

6 This hairstyle is your must follow hairstyle if you love hoping on beaches. Grab all of your hair and twist them till the end. Roll it high up to form a bun on top of your hair. Secure the bun with few bobby pins. To create sassier looks wear the bun down near your neck.

7. Weave Low Pony

7 Dress up your classic pony with a twist of weave low pony. Grab one section of your hair from front on each side of your hair. Form a pony at the back and bring the sections of hair from to back in a weaving form create the look.

8. Hair Knot Cute Hairstyle

8 Divide your hair into two sections and make a few knots at the back of your hair. Secure the knots with bobby pins and you hair is set for the day. Carry this creative hairstyle for a casual yet tied neat look.

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