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Simple planks are extremely effective in the best possible way. However, the addition of various variations can give you the chance to involve your abs even further (and allows some other muscles to the work, too). If you are ready to up the bet, then you must try the renegade row as this workout will not only cover your shoulders and back but also your core thereby making them an incredible multifaceted move for your upper body workout. This workout syndicates a plank and a row to generate one challenging move. “The row will effectively grind your back and convert the plank into an anti-rotating exercise,” states Cori Lefkowith, Orange County-based personal trainer and creator of Redefining Strength. Anti-rotating moves make your abs work further challenging to stay steady, so you don’t take tums. “Moves like this really have a good impact on oblique as well,” she further adds. Are you persuaded yet? Just need to grab a set of 10- to 15-pound dumbbells and be ready to burn the calories.

Renegade Row

1 • For this, you need to start with a high plank position. In this, you need to hold a set of 10- to 15-pound weights in your hands and your bumps should be elevated and your body has to be in one straight line. “I every so often recommend placing your hands a little nearer together [comparatively what we do in a regular plank],” says Lefko with. “This supports to stay in stable position for long.” • Move your right arm up while keeping it near to your body. Your elbow should go precede your back as you movein the direction of your chest. • Bring your right arm back to the initial position and recap with your left arm. • Another position notes: Make sure you don’t revolve your body or move your shoulders as you row and do your level best to keep your bumps steady. As well, ensure you are using your back to control the drive and not just your arm, articulates Lefoko with. • Lastly, you need to do around six to eight reps per side.

So, after reading this are you feeling like a renegade from your regular plank exercises?

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