Build An Amazing Upper Body With This Challenging Workout – Just 4 Workouts!

This is a very exclusive video which is presenting how to train your full upper body with only 4 push-up upper body workout.It’s start with 2 seconds down – 2 seconds up wide push ups, then same timing normal push up, diamond push ups and then the pike press. In just those 4 moves you train your shoulders, your chest muscles and the triceps.
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You have to try to do as many rounds as you can in 5 minutes workout. It will be a killer full upper body workout. And if you wanna take a step forward that will complete this workout you can use some dumbbells and you can alternate the push ups with dumbbells exercises.
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So here we go guys, very simple but very effective upper body workout that you can do at home!!!
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Here’s The Video:

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