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Some street artists are truly amazing. One of them is Tom Bob, an American artist who is roaming around creating his art pieces around the city of New York. He incorporates the use of electrical terminals, poles and other street furniture for drawing the perfect picture.

His pieces are colorful and whimsical which could feel so real. The city is becoming happier as he turns sewer into a frying pan and gas meters into lobsters. Here are few pictures of his witty work. .

1. Now that’s a landmark!

1 .

2. Look at the little crab monsters on gas meters!

2 .

3. What an amazing creativity!

3 .

4. That’s a cage, in case you didn’t notice before.

4 .

5. Little baby elephant is now free!

5 .

6. Snakes are out on the street!

6 .

7. Cupid lives inside that hole!

7 .

8. A pool table on the street eh?

8 .

9. Whimsical shadows!

9 .

10. Oops, the alligator is going to get lose in the city!


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