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Are you aware of BMI? If you were good in academics, you might have learned that a way to determine your health is by calculating your Body Mass Index. Being skinny is considered to be ideal, and people are becoming anorexic and suffering from bulimia in order to achieve this “ideal” body shape. But how much should you weigh depends on your height and BMI is a way to alert you if you are in the right track or wrong.

Get ready to set realistic goals.

1 Body Mass Index or BMI will help you in determining how much weight you need to lose or gain. You can decide what your goal weight should be. There is no rocket science in calculating your BMI. But still somehow, many people have no clue about what it is. Some people are just at the border of their suitable BMI and can make quick changes in their routine.

How to calculate?

2 there are different calculator available online as well, but you can calculate yourself in an old fashioned way in order to achieve accurate results. Measure your height in inches and then multiply it by itself (that is make its square). Next you need to measure your weight in pounds. Last you have to divide your weight by squared number of your height. The result should be multiplied by 703. If you are calculation with kilograms and cms, you don’t need to multiply by this number. The final result will be your BMI.

Now what it would mean?

3 It is time to determine how healthy you are: If your BMI is under 18, you are quite underweight and need to increase your intake of calories. It is not healthy to be so thin and to be true, it doesn’t look so good. If your BMI is between 18 and 18.5, it suggests you might not be underweight but still too thin according to your height. The accurate and healthiest BMI is between 18.6 and 24.9. You can set your weight goals according to these numbers. If you want to lose weight make sure your goal weight doesn’t cross these numbers as you want to stay healthy, after all. BMI between 25 and 29.9 means you are overweight. With a little diet controls and workout, you can lose some pounds and achieve a good shape. BMI above 30 suggests that you are no doubt obese. No matter how tall you are, you need to consult a dietician, so that you get rid of fat stored inside your body. Obesity has various health risks and you are better off without those dangerous diseases.

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