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Calories are burned because of fats and carbohydrates stores in the body. This only contributes in weight loss. But, you might be curious that which out of the two is better for slimming down. Calories might come from everything you eat but you need to burn those which come from fats and carbohydrates in your body for weight loss. The question comes, Is burning fat better than burning total calories when it comes to weight loss? Here we do a little explanation.

Which One Do You Burn?

1 There are two kinds of workout: lower intensity and higher intensity. Which one burns more fat? If in a 20 minute workout in a 20 minute workout we run 30mph on a treadmill, we will burn around 64cal of fat and 32cal of carbs, but if we run 6mph, we are going to burn 90cal of fat and ravishing 104cal of carbohydrate. Thus, in a higher intensity workout carbohydrates are burned more in comparison to fat. To balance the ratio, you will require doing a walk for ten minutes to burn equal amount of fat.

What Trainers Say?

2 Thus, trainers always say that you need to workout in a smarter way. You don’t always have to spend hours in the training, but when you do, you should prefer a high intensity workout as the total calories are burned more in it and even fat is burned more. Hard work out is the way to go, if you want to lose weight.

Higher Intensity Workouts Include The Following:

3 Now if you want to start your routine it is a good idea to include these high intensity workouts. Choose running over walking and indulge in training during the intervals, like sprinting and stair climbing. You need to increase your metabolic rate for weight loss which can be done by resistance training and cross training. You can even alternate cardio workout in the interval sessions.

Best Exercises

4 These mentioned above are the best exercises for losing weight as you require to burn up to 3500 calories for losing just 1 pound. You can also include in a diet which has less calorie intake but gives you a feeling of fuller stomach on the same hand. For example, proteins. It would give you the maximized results.

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