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As soon December arrives, we all get open our New Year resolution diaries and pen down losing weight as our first resolution. However, your resolution will do no good to you unless you make plan and follow certain tricks that can help you to achieve your goal. You will need to follow the plan with dedication and discipline. You will also need to have the patience to get see the changes in your body. Here we are listing few tips with you that you must follow this year new Year to discover all new your own self :

1. Consistency

1 Image: Source To achieve your weight loss goals, one needs to be consistent, motivated and disciplined. Instead of giving up or getting tired in midway of your target, make sure you form a habit of following the activities. Experts suggest that for any activity to become a habit it take just 3 weeks and once you get into the routine to following the workout or gym, you can easily achieve your goals. The key is to be consistent and your own motivation to not to give up on your goals.

2. Adopt Healthy Eating Habits

2 Image: Source Your body is not just built in gym but it also of what you eat all through the day. Adopt healthy food choices over junk foods. Switch from whites to brown, like brown breads, brown rice. Avoid foods that are high their sodium content and avoid processed foods. Make sure you consume proteins in form lean meats, fist, milk and other protein rich products. Keep yourself hydrated and ensure that your diet has sufficient quantities of fruits and vegetables.

3. Indulge In Cardio Moves

3 Image: Source Cardio moves are essential as they improve your respiratory system, increases metabolism and increases your heart rate. Adopt some form of cardio, like jogging, running, cycling or swimming or even simple form of cardio like walking. Make sure you are consistent with your cardio and spend 40 minutes, twice or thrice a week on them. If you are someone who likes aerobics, then make sure that instead of doing high intensity aerobics, start off with low intensity moves.

4. Participate In sports Events

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