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Most of us aim to gain longer, fuller and thicker eyelash mainly for aesthetic purpose. Longer eyelash can truly be beneficial to the eye and our facial health. They also play an important role in protecting in protecting the eyes. While many women feel they have been treated unfairly by the creator due to the short sparsely looking lashes they’ve been granted. And some have just lost their precious lashes as a result of accident or medication. Read the best eyelash growth serum reviews in Nourishlash reviews.

There are many diverse types of products in stores and online that claim to help women with getting longer and more luscious eyelash.It is important to know that there are better ways to accomplish thicker and longer luscious eyelash without putting out countless dollars on different cosmetic products before you get your desired result that will eventually make you broke.

Ways to thicken without breaking your lashes

Natural product: The use of natural remedies is quite popular in achieving longer luscious lashes. Natural remedies such as olive oil, Vaseline, castor oil and petroleum jelly have all been effective for some women in the past. These natural remedies can be applied on your lash line daily at night before bedtime but remember they do not provide visible result on-time and often takes longer than expected so you will need to be really patient. Also, this remedy does not work for everyone so beware of spending more than expected on them in hope for thicker lashes.

Conditioning lash treatment: These products are easy to use and they are not expensive. They can be applied on your eyelash to condition your lash for growth. But conditioning treatment is not meant to stimulate lash growth but only to keep them from drying and falling out.

False lash: The product also gives you long lashes but they are not natural long lashes but the appearance of one. False eyelashes are inexpensive and can be applied daily by you but are only recommended to be used when the occasion calls for it.

When they all don’t work

In the event of all the above-mentioned options of having longer lashes or the appearance of one failed to work, you can always go for the best mean of achieving longer lashes that are not expensive but effective. This product is known as the eyelash serum, eyelash serums are effective, reliable and are proven to work for many women and eyelash type regardless of how damaged the eyelash is.

Eyelash growth serums are able to condition, moisten, strengthen and stimulate your lash growth within 2 weeks of consistent use. Simply apply your eyelash serum at night before bed on your lash line.

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