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Hair puffs are making their comeback, in fact they were never really out of trend as you must have seen celebrities adorning them all the time. Puffs give an illusion of height and can easily styled into different hairdos. You don’t need to worry if you have short or medium hair as puffs look good on every hair length. Combine your puffs with buns, ponytails, braids and you will have a new hairstyle to flaunt. Up notch your elegance and keep your bangs in place with a neatly done toque. Scroll over to find some easy DIY puffs that you can create yourself and get a chic look:

1.This Elegant Puff Hair


2. Medium Length Hair Puff

1 Comb your well and make it tangle free. Pull up a section of hair from the front and roll up your hair two to three times. Push your hair outward to puff it up and secure it with bobby pins. Blow dry remaining hair to give your hair a neat finish and hold the hair in place with help of hair spray.

3. Long Hair Puff

2 It is easy to create a puff style on long hair. Comb your hair and make a puff on the top of your head in the middle. Secure the bun with bobby pins and curl up the remaining hair to give it a more natural look. You can embellish the bun with accessories of your choice. Leave a few strands of hair loose in front to get a sultry look.

4. Messy Puff For Natural Look

3 Create a puff on the top of your hair and let most of your fall on your shoulders and back. Secure the puff with bobby pins. You don’t need to lock the look buy running blow dry or curling iron, let your hair stay free of heat.

5. DIY for Front Puff

4 Neatly comb your hair, place a puff bun on top of your head in the front and create a puff with it. Secure the puff with pins and clips and complete the look with a dash of hairspray to keep hair in place.

Watch A Video Here For Side Braid Hair Puff

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