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Training professionals swear by the fact the time of day you exercise can vary and it has different effects on body. But for most of us, any exercise done at any time of day will be as useful as done at any other time. To understand this better we need to know what is the desired outcome you want from exercising -are aiming for better muscles, are you aiming for better sleep patterns or strength. It may sound funny and unreal that how could a particular time of day define the results of exercising. But yes this is how exercising works, certain workout give maximum results at certain times only. What you eat is equally important if you want to have a perfect physique. Docarzt has the list of best testosterone boosters that when complemented with the right form of exercise can do wonders on your body. Scroll over as we explore the most effective time for workout to yield the most positive results for your body :

1. Early Morning Is The Best Time A Day The For Weight Loss

1 Early mornings are the best time for you to choose if you are on weight loss journey. In contrast other parts of the day, people are more consistent and try to focus on their goal in morning. A 45 minute workout sets the metabolism for the day and you tend to make better food choices and your body keeps burning calorie all through the day. Morning workouts are also beneficial to keep you in high energy levels for the day.

2. Get Stronger By Working Out In Late Afternoon

2 It has been seen through various studies that the measures of strength and power are at their highest in afternoon which is why variety of sports activities like weight lifting or cycling are carried out in afternoon. This happens as the optimum levels of body temperature for training and your testosterone levels are high during this time. Training between 2pm to 6 pm will provide you nerve conduction velocity, joint mobility, build endurance, boost up metabolism and increase muscular blood flow

3. Get Better Sleep By Working Out In Morning

3 Exercise in morning helps you get better sleep in night. Direct exposure to sunlight through walking, jogging or cycling sets your brain clock to shut eyes at right time in night time to rise again on time next morning. Exercising in morning also helps to drop blood pressure which again allows you to sleep better. However you must get 6 to 8 hours of sleep before you get up for the workouts to create a balance in the body.

4. Reset Your Body Clock With Working Out In Afternoon

4 We all have our natural clock which is our circadian rhythm. It is what makes us tired, sets our time for sleep and our wake up time in the morning. But at times this rhythm gets disturbed due to travelling to different time zone or switching your work shift from morning to night or vice versa or even as you age. To bring your body in balance and back in rhythm it is suggested to exercise in afternoon to get maximum exposure to light and heat.

5. Achieve Set Goals By exercising At Any Time Of Day

5 Although there are certain times when your body will give your productive results but more than following the times, it is important to stick to your goals. Follow your exercise regime without fail be it in morning or afternoon and be truthful to your own self. Do not keep waiting for next day net time instead take time today and getting on your workout right away.

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