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When an animal enthusiast Clint Ralph, aged 53, went to visit Giant's Castle in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa he wasn’t expecting that he would spot jackal hawk. He went there with his son and was trying to get a picture of Bearded Vulture but instead, found this scary predator looking for his food, like a badass soldier. The photo was clicked when this vulture was looking for his meal and scaring birds away. And of course, the image got viral on the internet because of the bird’s stunning look. Here are some of it’s photo shopped images:

The soldier is coming towards you with a sniper rifle in his hand.


Well, it’s the scary bad boys! Yo!


Who’s the thug now? Eh?


Hawk Trump could be the best President!


Troy version of the Hawk!


Look at that, it’s Stephen Hawking.


Now it’s tough to win in Ice Skating.


Everybody stand in line and respect the Hawk!


Now, that’s an exceptional bird in Hawk Land.


It’s cold, so it had to dress up during the War.


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