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Our hair care routine takes a major place in our everyday beauty. Soft, smooth and healthy hair adds grace and charm to our overall personality. This is why most women spend hours and fortune in their hair care. While taking following a hair care regime is good habit, we often unconsciously commit errors which actually damage our hair than making it beautiful. Scroll over to find 6 common mistakes that you might be making in your hair care, stop making these mistake to get lustrous and shinning hair you always wanted :

1. Using Too Many Styling Products

1 More than often, women use different varieties of hair styling products on their hair to make them appear less frizzy and give them neat finish. However using too many hair styling products will not make your hair appear better. Instead simply dry your naturally and apply only one hair styling product to keep the hair manageable.

2. Using Heat On Hair

2 Using too many heating tools like hair curlers, straightener, blow dryers or rollers on your hair damages the hair shaft and over a period of time your hair starts looking dry, frizzy and damaged. Some of the styling tools have temperatures more what your hair can withstand, this destroys the hair follicles and must be avoid. If you must use, keep the hair tools temperature minimum. Avoid sun exposure on your hair as the UV rays of sun leads to dry and frizzy hairs.

3. Using Straightener On Wet Hair

3 One of the best ways to carry your hair on any given day or occasion is to carry it in smooth straight look. However some women use straightener directly on wet hair. This is complete no –no. Never straighten your hair while it’s still wet. Either use a blow dryer or let your hair dry naturally before you start using hair straightening iron on your hair.

4. Hair Breakage

4.4 Using a fine comb to detangle thick hair can cause hair breakage, similarly combing wet hair also leads to hair breakage. Avoid doing these actions as they not cause hair breakage but also weaken the hair roots and follicles, which prevents hair re-growth. Instead use a wide tooth comb for combing your hair, never brush your while it’s still damp. Include diet which is rich in proteins, zinc, biotin and other vitamins which help to make hair strong and prevent hair breakage.

5. Towel Drying Your Hair

5 Most of us wrap our hair in towel to dry them of quickly. However this is a wrong practice. Rolling up your hair in towel while its still wet weakens the hair and leads to rough cuticles and frizzy hair ends. Instead blot excess water from hair with towel or a old t-shirt without rubbing your hair vigorously. Avoid using blow dry as well, however if you must then allow your hair to dry naturally use blow dry on damp hair not on wet hair.

6. Washing Hair Too Often Or Not Too Often

6 You don’t need to shampoo your hair every day as shampooing hair too often rips your hair of its natural oils. Instead of using shampoo, give your hair a fresh look by rinsing your hair well with water and slightly blow dry. Similarly some lazy girls just don’t wash their hair at all. Make sure you wash your twice a week to remove the build up and dirt from your hair. Ensure to keep your scalp clean.

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