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Many people don’t believe in acupressure or acupuncture, but the truth is it is a well known medical treatment. It is an age old technique which helps people combat several health problems. Each point in your body is connected to an organ and applying pressure in it can trigger different things, for example it can energize you or lead to pain relief. Believe it or not, it does help many people in their day to day lives. Massaging specific points in your body like using mindinsole on your feet can help in improvement of inner body functions. Similarly, specific acupuncture can also help in promoting weight loss.

-How does it help?

1 Image: Source First, let’s figure out how it would help in losing weight. It is believed that your cravings can be controlled using acupressure. Lesser craving means you won’t indulge in a lot of junk food and thus have a balanced appetite. It is believed that your body awareness improves and you would be very conscious about what you put inside your mouth. Your digestive system is bound to improve because of massages, which would sustain a better metabolism. Let’s read about stimulation points which would promote weight loss:

1. Upper Lip Point

2 Image: Source Press the point in the center of the area between your upper lip and nose for about five minutes, at least two times a day. Nervousness and hunger would be controlled. You can try whenever you are feeling stressed or hungry, and you would feel the difference.

2. Ear Point

3 Image: Source Apply pressure on your ear point and massage it using your thumb for at least three minutes on a regular basis. It is said that this would improve your metabolism rate, which is why you will lose more fat which is stored in your belly, legs and arms.

3. Knee Point

4 Image: Source A very important point in acupressure, also known as Zu San Li is situated just below the knee and is known to improve digestion. If you regularly press this point for about ten minutes, you will notice that inflammation on several body parts would decrease. You can lose about 1 pound in a week, just by massaging it daily. You might feel a certain amount of pain in the area but it will give long term benefit.

4. Elbow Point

5 Image: Source This is the point where all inner energy passes by and pressing this point is said to improve intestinal functions. It will energize you and further help in getting rid of excessive fat stored in your body.

5. Belly Points

6 Image: Source There are two belly points which will help you in losing weight, by improving your digestion. First point is about 1 inch below your belly button and you need to massage the area 2 times in a day for getting results. Second point, is a group of 2 points called abdominal sorrow points which are aligned to the ear lobes. They are under the last ribs of our abdomen and massaging them for 5 minutes each day will benefit you.

6. Ankle Point

7 Image: Source 2 inches above the ankle is the ankle point which will help in balancing the fluids in your body. You need to apply pressure on it for a few minutes using just your thumb.

-Things to Remember

Even though while reading this article you will feel that it’s the easiest way to lose weight, it would only boost the speed at which you are working out. Work out helps in burning of calories and acupressure would increase the rate at which your calories will be burnt. Thus, you don’t have to lie on bed all day thinking that only acupressure would be sufficient for weight loss.

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