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We all believe in love and dream to have a perfect partner who we can get along and spend rest of our life. Often the very thought love makes you think that you know all about it and once you find your partner you will how he/she feels for you. But when you come across this person, at times it becomes difficult to know if the other person really loves you or not. But there are certain hints that can help you to identify his/her feelings for you. Watch out for these cues coming through your partner to see if he/she genuinely loves you or not : 1. Making love is an important part of love life. If you partner takes care about your likes and dislikes then certainly he/she cares for your feelings and desires. 1 2. If your partner loves you they will take care of you when fall sick. He/she will remind you about your medicines and will keep calling to check on your health. 2 3. If your partner really loves you, they will help you to take right decisions and stop you if you go wrong in making choices. 3 4. Your partner will understand you if you are unable to take the calls. He/she will not get annoyed or doubt you and will have trust in you. 4 5. A person who would love you genuinely will always do things that make you happy. He/she will help in you small little household chores or cook you your favourite desert to put a smile on your face. 5 6. He/she will not just hear you out when you speak but will listen to your concerns carefully and will try to resolve the issues. 6 7. A person who truly loves you will not be nervous to admit their feelings for them. They will express their feelings for you. 7 8. When a person loves they don’t mind introducing you to their family and friends. They would be open to accept that they are in relationship with you. 8 9. Your partner will listen to your point of view and opinion on the things and matters that concern both of you. They will appreciate and respect your views. 9

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