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Your eyes say a lot more than your words, and thus whenever you step out, you would want your eyes to look beautiful. One of the most important parts of eye makeup is the use of eyeliner. A dash of eyeliner can either enhance your look or ruin it, if it is not properly used. Often women make some common mistakes while applying the eyeliners. Simply avoid these errors while applying your eyeliner and your eyes will be picture perfect :

1. Using liquid eyeliner on your bottom lash line

2 Liquid eyeliner adds the right amount of drama on your lids, but is simply too heavy (not to mention tricky to apply) on your lower lash line. Just don't attempt this one...

2. Curling your eyelashes after you apply eyeliner

1 Your eyelash curler becomes an eraser if you use it after applying your eyeliner. Curl your lashes first, let them set, and then apply eyeliner so you don't undo your hard work.

3. Free Handing The Liner

3 Not all of us are blessed with an artistic hand to freely apply the liner. Use scotch tape to from the outer corner of eyes to outer eye brows. This will help you to get right and perfect winged shaped eyeliner.

4. Not Using Curlers First

4 Many women make the mistake of using the curler right after applying the eyeliner. This smears the eyeliner and gives an uneven look to eyes. To avoid this, use curler before applying the eyeliner.

5. Mixing

5 Mixing your eyeliner well is another important trick to draw out a perfect and finished look in your eyes.

6. Dried Out Eyeliners

6 Never try using dried out eyeliners, they will not give you a good finish. Ensure that your eyeliner is not very old, not expired and is creamy and wet in texture.

7. Lash Lines

7 Look for the gaps between your lashes while applying eyeliner. If you notice gaps after in between after applying one stroke, fill in the gaps and ensure that you finish a tightlining.

8. Liquid Eyeliners

8 Do not use liquid eyeliners for under eyes, they will give an overwhelming look. Instead opt for dry eyeliner to complete the look on under eyes.

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