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The much awaited iPhone X of the Apple brand was recently launched. As expected the sleek design and breathtaking features got applauded from the Smartphone lovers and experts. The phone has a unique face recognition feature which will be brought in use in place of using passwords. However with all its exquisite design and whole lot of incredible features, the phone was launched at sky rocketing price. This sent net buzzers from across the globe to share their views, reviews and funniest memes and reactions. Scroll over to find some of the best reactions that flowed in which will sure send you on a laughing spree, Apple lovers please don’t mind this one is not for you:

1. And here comes the royal iPhone X smartly priced at $1200.

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2. That’s what happens to you after you buy an Apple Smartphone.

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3. Wonder how iPhone X will recognize you after your appointment at police station.

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4. An emoji face to scan and for that you pay $1200.

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5. It has all that it takes to leave your iPhone 7.

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6. Pack your baggage to buy your next iPhone.

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7. this is a real face off between iPhone 8 And iPhone X.

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8. A matter of chance to dance on iTunes

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