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Girls love to experiment different hairstyles on their hair to give themselves different looks every time. However sometimes the hairstyle may not stay on for longer duration and at times it may not even turn out to be as perfect as it should be. Some of the hairstyles take lot of time to make but may not stay on for longer time. Scroll over as we bring you a few hacks and quick fixes to create different hairstyles and make your hairstyle last longer. For sure these hairstyles will make the heads turn :

1. Add Volume To Your Braid

1 Instead of wearing your braid tight, add volume to it and give your braid a fuller look. To do this, make a tight braid first and gently pull out the braid knots a bit. Make sure you do not pull them out completely as this will spoil the whole look. This trick will make your hair look thicker.

2. Skip The Elastic Band

2 If you are in no mood to wear elastic bands while doing up your ponytail, then knot your ponytail with your own hair. Take two separate strands from the left and right end of hairs behind your ears and bring them to centre and tie them in a knot under your hair.

3. Create Beach Waves

3 To make your curls look more natural after you have used hot curlers, do not go outside for a sometime. Instead take out the curled portion out and let it cool down natural before moving on to next portion. This will remove the artificial effect from the waves and give your hair natural beach waves.

4. Quick Curls

4 When you have no time and want make curls in a jiffy, simply pull up a high ponytail and divide your in sections. Then use the curler in each section, untie your pony tail and voila you have perfect curls to flaunt.

5. Add Volume To Your Hair

5 If you want to add volume to your hair, when you style your hair with side partings, use a dry shampoo on your hair. Dry shampoo will add a natural bounce to your hair and remove the excess oils and greasiness from your hair.

6. Using Hair Spray

6 When you want to carry a clean, creased hair styles with no waves or frizzes in your hair, using a hair spray is the best option. But that make your hair look greasy and oily. Instead of using hair spray directly on hair, take some hair spray in your palms and run through your hair style to give it a neat finish.

7. Boho Waves

culry-hair-braids1 Divide your hair into small sections and form several braids in your hair. Once all the braids are maid, run a hair straightener over each braid and let your hair stay braided for few minutes. Open your braids carefully and you will find light waves all over your hair.

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