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We all dream to get a flat belly that we can flaunt off and carry ourselves with more confidence. However even though you may follow a strict diet or exercise routine, you may not find visible changes in your belly. To see the changes in your belly and super trim and toned up tummy you will need to keep a close watch on what you eat. There are certain foods that you must avoid to blast off the stored fats from your tummy. Read on to find the foods you must avoid :

1. Aerated Drinks

1 We all know that the aerated or soft drinks are full of calories but yet we grab them each time we want to quench our thirst. Instead of indulging in these sugary drinks make a habit of drinking water, lemon water or blend up a fresh fruit smoothie. Each time you drink a can of soft drink you slow down your metabolism and end up adding more weight to your body.

2. Avoid High Intake Of Salt

2 Avoid adding too much of salt in your diet, avoid ready to eat foods or processed foods as these foods have high content of salt in them. Consuming high sodium diet results in fluid retention and makes you bloated. Eating salt may not directly increase your weight but due to water retention you look fat.

3. Say No To Fast Foods

3 Fast foods like pizzas or burgers are rich in fat content and packed with calories. The nutritional value of these foods is next to nothing. As the name suggests these foods are only fast to make you feel full and within few minutes of eating these foods you tend feel hungry again. This way you end up eating more than you should and this in turn adds up on body weight.

4. Avoid Mayonnaise

4 You may be tempted to have your sandwiches together with your favourite mayonnaise dip, but 80% of mayonnaise is nothing but fat. Thus make yourself fresh sandwiches without mayonnaise and make your salads with lemon juice, oregano and black pepper dressing.

5. French Fries Are An Absolute No

5 French fries are like your go snack each time you feel hungry. But once again these are full of fats and calories. French fries are like sponge which absorbs unsaturated fats. When you consume these you add additional fats and weight to your body. Instead of snacking on French fries, try munching on nuts and raisins to get nutritional benefits in your body.

6. Avoid Ice-creams

6 You may be tempted to give in to the creamy, refreshing sweet indulgence of ice creams, but these are again sweet sugary foods that you must avoid as it simply adds to the abdominal fats in your body. Ice creams also contain large amounts of fats which leads to gain in weight. Simply avoid consuming them to blast off fats from your body.

7. Sugar Free Foods And Drinks

7 Today there is huge variety of products that claim that they are sugar free. These products contain sugar substitutes such as polyalcohol’s which again is another form of sugar is only. Avoid consuming low sugar/ sugar free foods and drinks as they are indirect source of sugar only which adds up your tummy fats.

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