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One of the easiest and best way to keep your hair place in to tie them in a braids. Braids are in trend once again and what would work better on a bride than a beautifully crafted braid on her hair. Whether you have long or short or medium hair, whether it’s dense or thin, braid your hair to give yourself an elegant and romantic look on your special day. Enter your new life with the beautiful braids that will perfectly live up to occasion that you will cherish for years to come. From classic French braids curled into chignon buns to crazy multiple braids pinned up for a sophisticated hair up do, pick your favorite braid and get all set to read the wedding vows :

1. Create a classic and elegant look on your special day with the braids curled up into one big bun. Add a hair accessory to match the braided bun with your outfit.


2. Give your hair a classic effect with these bohemian inspired braids rolled up over the head and pinned together for a neat finish.


3. Several plaits looped on top of your hair will create a maiden braid look that will add glamour to your overall look.


4. Twist your wavy hair into a messy bun to create a modern day design, leave a few strands of hair loose to add a soft touch the design.


5. Upgrade your regular braid on your special with 4 strand braid to get intricate look with a voluminous effect.


6. Carry the charm of red carpet on your wedding with extremely gorgeous and charming side braid.


7.Show off your locks and get romantic with the whimsical waterfall braid that will outshine everything.

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