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Planks are core strengthening exercise that engages multiple muscles at the same time. This bodyweight exercise not only works on your core but also on glutes and hamstrings. It supports proper posture and improves balance in your body. Once you start doing planks every day you will notice changes in your body. The exercise works on the muscles of your mid section and there by develops your core. Apart from this planks boosts up your fitness level. Scroll over as we explore that why planks should be a part of your everyday workout routine :

1. Planks Strengthen Your Core

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2. Improves Posture

2 Image: Source Planks improve your posture significantly. Your posture does get disturbed while sitting at your office desk or even while watching TV, however once you make planks a part of your routine you keep your core tight and thereby improve your posture. A good posture further aligns your bones and joints and improves the effectiveness of your muscles.

3. Boosts Metabolism

3 Image: Source When you do planks, it activates all of your muscles and you burn more calories. The process of muscle building and burning calories continues even after you have finished your workout. This process keeps your body energised and improves your metabolism.

4. Prevents Back Aches

4 Image: Source If you have weak core, the pressure of whole body falls on to your back which results in backaches and injuries. Planks strengthen your core, take off the pressure from your back and hips. Regular planks ensure that you have a toned up core that supports your spine and upper back.

5. Improves Flexibility

5 Image: Source If you include planks in workout, your body will improve its flexibility. Planks move stretches posterior muscle group, hamstrings and arches your feet. Along with your core, your muscles in shoulder blades and collarbone also get engaged. This brings an overall flexibility in your body.

6. Relieves Stress

6 Image: Source Due to our sedentary lifestyle, our muscles get stressed and fatigued. Since our muscles are connected with our neural system, our brain too gets stressed. When you do the planks the stiffness and tightness in muscles gets relieved. This eases out the tension from your muscles and relaxes your mind. Planks relieve the anxiety and soothe your brain and having a calming effect on your nerves.

7. Toned Up Abs

7 Image: Source Planks will tighten your core and give your abdomen a flexibility to develop six pack abs. Planks tighten your mid section and tones up your tummy. However if you are aiming to build 6 pack abs you will need to include strength training workout that will target your abs.

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