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When you are under the influence of alcohol, your life becomes a struggle for you as you and your body gets damaged with alcohol abuse. The only way out is to seek medical attention to get your life back in order. While the medical practitioner and rehab centers will give you the kind of support you need to come out your alcoholism, you will need the support of your family and friends too to help you through the withdrawal period. You will need people who will motivate you and guide you through your recovery, here’s a look at types of people you will need:

1. A Person Who Had Been In Same Situation As Yours

1 A person who had been into same situation like yours and has overcome his struggle is the most important person who can help you to come out of your habit. This person knows and understands your challenges and will be able to guide on how to maintain sobriety. When you see the passion and energy of these kinds of people to get their life back in order, you get hope that you too can achieve this.

2. A Person Talks To You Upfront

2 A person who tells you everything upfront without considering that it might hurt your feelings is of great importance. This person is actually giving you a reality check on what you are making your life to be. His/her harsh words will open up your mind to see where you are going wrong and once you have recovered fully, you will appreciate the presence and role of this person in your process of recovery.

3. A Person Who Loves You Unconditionally

3 This person can be your best friend, your family member or a well wisher who supports you in every possible way. However this does not imply that this person will approve of your wrong habits, he/she would rather approve of you as an individual and will be there for you when you are in process of recovery to give you love and emotional support.

4. The One Who Pushes You

4 This person will help you to look deeply inside you and build and motivate you to do achieve the tasks which you feel you cannot accomplish. This person could be your counselor who would push you to go beyond your past and discuss the topics you would rather not discuss. This will ease out your recovery and help you overcome your fears and anxiety.

5. The Ones Who Knew While You Were Drinking

5 Having some of friends or colleagues who knew from the time when you were drinking and then recovered is good choice. These people will know your past and how you achieved your present. They will appreciate you for who you are and will understand your choices. They will be like your support system and you will be a good example for them to give up on their wrong habits.

6. The One Who Supports You Even Though Hasn’t Been In Your Shoes

6 This person may not have been a part of your life earlier, he/she may not have been in your kind of situation yet you form a lifelong connection with them as they support you in your sobriety. This could be your present boyfriend or girlfriend who supports your choices and accepts you for who you are today. This person understands you well enough and has love and respect for you.

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