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Most of us relate weightlifting only with muscle building, however, weight lifts do much more than mass building for your body. Weightlifting is not just meant for those who want to get their body ripped. In fact, it is a great tool if you want to get a toned up body. Weight lifts are good for your overall well being Scroll over as we explore benefits of lifting weights on your body, you will be surprised it can do a lot more than bulking up your muscle mass:

1. Burns Fats

1 Image: Source When people want to lose weight they generally get into aerobics, cardio exercises or high-intensity training. The advantage of weight lifts over these moves is that once you do the lifts, you will build muscles, to maintain the muscles your body will burn more fats, thereby increasing your metabolic rate. Your body will burn fats even when you are not working out.

2. Improves Your Sport

2 Image: Source Weight lifting are perfect if you want to work on specific body muscles to play certain sports. You can target your biceps or triceps if you need to bring balance in your body to play the sport. For example for a person who is learning to surf will need to improve on balance and paddling. in this case you can target your upper arms and core. Similarly based on different sports you can choose different targeted weight lifts to improve your sports performance.

3. Improves Posture

3 Image: Source Weight lifts also help in the straightening out the muscles that surround your spine. This helps in improving the posture. Target your lifts with help of your trainer to get your body in right posture. Right posture helps to improve blood circulation however if you ignore the same it can detrimental for your health.

4. Improve Health

4 Image: Source The organs of our bodies need muscles to function properly, if muscles are weak then organs also do function properly. Weight are best way to strengthen your muscles which will ensure that your health improves and your organs function well. for example if your abdomen muscles are strong your intestines will function well and you will have good digestion system.

5. Weight Lifting Brings A control In your Body

5 Image: Source Weight lifts bring symmetry and a balance in your body which brings an overall control in your body. Knowing how to wear a lifting belt helps you to get smoother with your moves and helps you to achieve symmetry in your body and a better coordination of organs in your system.

6. Toned Up Body

6 Image: Source Weight lifts help you getting a good posture and your body gets toned up. A toned up body boosts your self-confidences and you get comfortable in your skin and you are actually able to wear any outfit of your choice without any hiccups.

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