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Are you having a hard time losing weight? It may not be your diet’s fault, just the way you’re living. Below, are the top six tips and tricks we think you could use to help you lose weight on your own. From reducing your sugar intake to working on your cardio, let’s help you reach your dream weight and shave off those pesky pounds!

1. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

1 Image: Source High sugar consumption can lead to a variety of health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and obesity. Believe it or not, the average American consumes roughly 15 teaspoons of sugar every day. However, most of this sugar is hidden in highly processed foods, meaning you’re not even aware you’re eating it. Sugar negatively affects your body in a few ways. When there is an excess of sugar in the body, your liver begins to process the extra sugar and turn it into fatty acids. Fatty acids are then stored as fat cells throughout your body. To prevent this effect, limit your intake of processed sugars. If you do have a sugar craving, reach for a piece of fruit instead as this is a healthier sugar option.

2. Lemon Water Detox

2 Image: Source Lemon water was the first water detox recipe ever made and is commonly used amongst the general public. Its sweet, delicious flavor links it to many health benefits that you can use to your advantage. Plus, lemon water is only water with lemon mixed in. No matter if you serve it hot or cold, it has a wide array of benefits, such as a weight loss tool. Recent studies have shown that detoxing for weight loss can help increase your metabolism, aiding you in breaking down more food quickly. Not to mention, drinking a cold or warm cup of lemon water a day is generally a healthy habit in itself.

3. Get a Better Night’s Sleep

3 Image: Source Although getting a full night of sleep is important for your overall health, it can also help you lose weight and prevent you from putting the pounds back on again. In fact, researchers have found that people who get less sleep are nearly 55 percent to become overweight, than those who get a better night’s sleep. This is because sleep deprivation changes your appetite hormones, making you eat more than you should. To improve your sleep, there are a few changes you should make to your nightly routine. Limit screen time before bed and put away your cell phone. You should also optimize sleep conditions in your bedroom may maintaining a comfortable temperature and making sure the room is totally dark.

4. Increase Your Fiber Intake

4 Image: Source Eating foods that are rich in fiber can boost weight loss and make you healthier overall. Be sure to focus on increasing your intake of foods that hold water-soluble fiber. This is particularly helpful for weight loss because it makes you feel full when you eat it. Fiber makes the emptying of your stomach take longer to complete. This, in turn, causes your stomach to expand and your body to release satiety hormones that tell you to stop eating. This will naturally cause you to eat less. Fiber can also help promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. The healthier your gut flora and fauna are, the lower your chances of developing obesity.

5. Replace Soda and Juice

5 Image: Source Instead of grabbing another soda or glass of juice, instead, reach for a glass of cold water. Soda, juice, and other beverages often contain high amounts of sugar and calories. These drinks are a risk to anybody’s diet. On the other hand, drinking more water can actually help you to lose weight. One study found that drinking water actually increased the amount of calories burned by your body by between 24 and 30 percent for an hour after consuming the beverage. Additionally, drinking water before eating a meal can make you feel fuller faster, thus reducing your calorie intake and helping you cut down those pounds. This is especially effective for people who are middle-aged and older. So, the next time you feel thirsty, grab a glass of water.

6. Perform Cardio Exercise

6 Image: Source There is no need to head out the gym to get in your daily exercise. Instead, consider doing some kind of cardio exercise at home. This type of workout is a great way to burn calories, boost your physical health, and improve your mental stamina. Cardio is great for reducing body weight, boosting your metabolism, and lowering your risk of developing certain diseases like heart disease. Studies have shown that cardio is especially effective at removing dangerous belly fat. In the home, you can do yoga, watch a cardio workout video, or do a basic cardio workout. If you have exercise equipment in your home, you can also walk or jog on the treadmill, use the stair climber, or cycle on an indoor bike. Losing weight is no easy process, but it starts with you. With a little hard work and dedication, in addition to following the tips and tricks we mentioned above, you’ll reach your desired weight in no time. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to kickstart your healthy life and watch those pounds drop!

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