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When it comes to muscle strength and gaining muscle mass you not only need to hit to the gym to train your muscle but also you need to consume proteins. All your squats or bench presses will be of no use, unless you make sure that you consume sufficient amounts of lean rich protein foods. Proteins help to burn fats and help you to gain muscle mass. Proteins are made of amino acids that help to build, repair and maintain muscle fibres and tissue. Let’s explore some of best protein foods that you can make a part of your diet without compromising on your taste :

1. Chicken Breast

1 Image: Source Chicken breast is considered as one of the best source of proteins. It is loaded with proteins and has very low fat content. Chicken is a lean protein which easily gets synthesized by your body to repair your muscles tissues. Chicken serves as good source of protein as does not add any calories in your body. Make sure you consume chicken in baked or shredded form or in form of salad and soups. Avoid having fried chicken as it has less nutritional value and is high on its fat content.

2. Fish

2 Image: Source Fish is a rich source of protein which is loaded with healthy fats and is packed with vitamins and minerals. You can have fish in any form like salmon or tuna or even sardines. The fat and protein content of fish helps in muscle growth and can be eaten in steamed or grilled variations.

3. Red Meat

3 Image: Source Red meat is another good source of protein, however it is high in its fat content. To remove the fats from red meat, t is suggested to have it in grilled form. The Omega 3 content of red meat helps in muscle growth and boosts up metabolism.

4. Egg, Cheese And Milk

4 Image: Source Dairy products like eggs, milk and cheese are considered best form of protein. It is best advised to remove egg yolks from the eggs as they are high in their fat content and canm increase cholesterol.

5. Whey Supplement

5 Image: Source Whey protein gets dissolved in water or milk easily and is considered as best source of protein supplement. If you want build muscle power then whey protein is a must and should be taken as advised by your gym instructor.

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