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A well developed corset muscle group gives a good posture, healthy spine and strengthened core. If you are a fitness freak, then certainly you want to make sure that you follow a workout that will enhance the functioning of your internal organs and gives a great body. Today in this post we are sharing with a workout that has been developed by fitness conscious men and women. There is no special gym equipment required for this workout and can be done anywhere. Keep reading :

1. Star Jump

Image: Source To do this you need to stand with feet together, arms fully extended and arms on side-bend feet slightly then straighten then push through balls of your feet and then jump with your hands moving up and feet wide-closing it back to start position.

2. Burpee

Image: Source To do Burpees hump, stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart, your weight on your heels and arms on your sides. Get on your fours and form a plank position. Raise your body up with a jump with your arm raised towards ceiling and land immediately to squat position to follow your next rep.

3. Frog Jump

Image: Source Stand with feet about shoulder width apart and toes pointed slightly outwards. Bend at the knees and squat down till your legs are at 90 degree angle with your fingers touching ground. Jump straight up in air and throw arms up in air. Land and re-set to start position.

4. Squat Jack

Image: Source Starting position-stand up and put your feet together and hands down along your side –pull shoulder back and chest out. Jump up, while you are in the air spread your feet until they are approximately shoulder width apart. When feet touch the floor push hips back and bend at knees –lowering the body until hip is beneath your knees.

5. Glute Kickbacks

Image: Source Place your body on ground with the support of your hands and knees. Bring your either foot back with a push. Make sure your core is engaged and back is straight as bring your foot back and up. Return your leg to starting position and repeat.

6. Bicycle

Image: Source Lie on your back with your lower back pressed against the exercise mat. Bring your hands at the back of your head and lift your upper body. Bring your knees to your torso with your legs parallel to the floor. Extend your right leg out without letting it touch the floor with your left knee bent and leg parallel to floor. Using your ab muscles crunch upwards and sideways with right elbow extended to left knees and vice versa. Repeat.

7. Crunches

Image: Source Lie down on floor with your back flat and your knees bent at an approximately60 degrees angle. Keeping your feet on the floor, cross wrists over chest. Bring upper body up which pushes shoulder blades off the floor-body forms “C” shape. Exhale and hold the contraction for a second and return back to starting position. Repeat.

8. Up Down Walk

Image: Source To do this exercise, get your body in push–up position. Lift your right hand off the floor and place the forearm on the same spot where your hand was and repeat the same on left arm. Lift your right forearm off the floor and place your palm back on ground and repeat on the other hand. Repeat the exercise.

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