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Stretch marks are an ailment that can cause us to lose confidence in how we physically perceive ourselves. Why? Well, because they are quite a visible affliction. These tearsoccur deep within our skin, but the lines that are the result are very evident as they will appear a different colour to the rest of our skin. As such, people are quite keen to either remove these marks from their skin, or to indeed prevent them from occurring in the first place. So, to help with this issue, I’ve outlined below some key steps that can be taken to both prevent and treat this particular problem. Hopefully you will find something that works for you. Let’s get to it!

1 – Monitor Your Diet

This piece of advice is an all round good general rule that we should follow in our day to day lives. I am not one for sayings or creeds, but “you are what you eat” really is oh so true! With regards to stretch marks, our diets can play a key role in prevention. Staying hydrated on a daily basis increases the ability of our skin to remain healthy and at its optimum levels. The same goes for getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals into our diets. Such agents as zinc, vitamin c, and vitamin d have been proven time and time again to be essential in keeping our skin strong and flexible – two aspects that are vital in preventing stretch marks occurring in the first place. At the other end of the spectrum, eating sugary junk food will do nothing other than harm your chances of preventing stretch marks. This is because these empty calories will lower the overall health of your body, thus leaving you more susceptible to skin problems.

2 – Exercise Regularly & with Good Intensity

This is another rule of life that everyone should adopt. Exercising on a weekly basis, and at a good intensity level, really is vital to cementing your health. Forget stretch marks for a moment, exercising can stop or combat a countless amount of health issues. When it comes to skin tears, though, exercise is great at both improving upon, and maintaining, our skin’s strength and suppleness. After all, there is a good reason why top professional athletes have radiant complexions – it’s because they are physically very active. It’s important to mention that training regularly and pushing your body can also result in stretch marks forming. This is something that bodybuilders often have to contend with. However, despite this risk, exercising and maintaining a health body is still essential in battling stretch marks. I’ll next look at a great method of treating tears that have appeared from being training.

3 – Employ a Top-Level Prevention/Treatment Cream

When it comes to treating and preventing tears in our skin, or indeed any type of health issue, it’s always prudent to check out the leading brands and options that are available. No matter what the health matter might be, you can guarantee that someone somewhere will be selling a cure! The trick it to find the cure that A) is actually a proven effective method, and B) suits your particular issue. A quality stretch mark cream can tick both these boxes as this product has been scientifically formulated to effectively treat existing marks as well preventing the emergence of new ones. When doing your research into the top stretch mark cream brands, it’s definitely advisable that you choose one that incorporates mainly natural ingredients into their formula. This will ensure that your body will not have any adverse reactions to the cream.

4 – Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

I mention moisturize three times in this paragraph’s heading because that’s how important it its! Regardless of whether or not you are under threat from stretch marks, moisturizing daily is of paramount importance when it comes to maintaining our skin’s health. The importance of moisturizing is two-fold – rehydration and restocking minerals and vitamins. As we go about our daily lives, our faces become dry and lacking in these necessary agents that are so important in keeping us looking fresh and youthful. This is where a top-level moisturizer comes into the equation. Such a product will rehydrate our skin as well as supplying it with those all-important vitamins and minerals. Both of these factors are massively important when it comes to stretch marks as the stronger and more flexible that our skin is, then the better it can cope if it ever undergoes stress and strain.

5 – Maintain a Positive Outlook on Life

This may seem like a bit of an out-of-the-box solution when it comes to a skin affliction, but if you think about it then you’ll see that it’s quite important. By having a positive outlook on life, you are far more likely to take heed and implement the 4 previously mentioned steps that I’ve outlined in this article. This about it – if you’re happy and content, then you’ll be motivated and energized which will lead you to exercise on a regular basis as well as ensuring that you eat well. If you’re not happy and you possess a pessimistic outlook on life, then such things as exercising or eating in a healthy manner will seem like such a grind. This will then result in you slipping into bad habits.

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