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Most of us hit the gym with the purpose of losing weight and getting our body in shape. However many of us are unable to achieve our fat loss targets. This generally happens as we give up too early on our workout and diet. Additionally, there is a tendency to follow fad diets or go on crazy juice diets which all go in vain. This kind of freaking out on body weakens your metabolism and prevents fat loss. Here in this post, we will explore 5 basic principles of fat loss process that you must know before you get on your journey to weight loss :

1. Keep A track Of Calories

Image: Source Our body is what we eat and it is thus imperative that we keep a track of how many calories we are consuming in a day. Make sure that you consume calories, not more than you require as they add on to your weight. To keep a track of your calories, keep a journal and track what you have eaten through the day. You can calorie count of your foods from various apps that are easily available on the internet today. Apart from this make sure you exercise to burn extra calories that get stored in your bodies in form of fats.

2. Improve Your Metabolism

Image: Source Another factor that affects your weight loss is your basic metabolic rate often referred as BMR. If your BMR is good then your body will burn more calories while it is at rest. You can improve on your BMR by eating nutritious foods and by building up your muscles. Make sure that you do not go too hard on yourself while you train your muscles.

3. Keep Away From Cardio

Image: Source If you are aiming to get lean body with muscles power, then you should not indulge in too much of cardio workout. Doing just cardio with restricted diet will only lead to sluggish metabolism and you will get thinner and weaker body. Instead focus on muscle building training and weights to strengthen your muscles.

4. Sleep Right

Image: Source Another fundamental principle to lose is weight is get good quality sleep. Lack of sleep activates the stress hormone, cortisol, which breaks down the muscle protein and converts it into energy. Additionally sleeping late will automatically make you eat more to curb cravings. Avoid sleeping late and try to get 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep.

5. Include Proteins In Your Diet

Image: Source Proteins are the key to your weight loss goals. They keep you full for longer, build muscles and help to keep the cravings away. Make sure your body gets 1 gram of protein of per kilo of your weight. Avoid red meats and instead indulge in lean cuts like grilled chicken or fish, nuts and dairy products.

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