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Do you know that we all have that vibrant wide pretty smile on our face but due to layers of fat it is hidden? Mostly people focus on body fat and forget about face fat, but in order to make the first impression, it is important to take care of the face. So, now if you want to get rid of those flabby cheeks and double chin, we can help you. So, if you are also worried due to the ugly double chin and swelled under eye area do not tolerate and see here are a number of effective facial exercises to get rid of face fat. 1 Chin Lifts Exercise for Double Chin 2 Chin lift exercise is very effective when it comes to shedding fat from saggy chin which looks horrible. See How to Do Chin Lift Exercise to Reduce Double Chin? Lift your face upwards and try to see the ceiling while standing or sitting straight. Now pull your lips together, like you are kissing and exhaling. You need to hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times. Important Note: You need to avoid any facial muscle movement except lips while doing this facial workout. Fish Exercise to Get Rid of Cheek Fat 3 If you wish to shed fat from cheeks, then you need to practice cheek muscle. Fish fat facial exercise strengthens the cheek muscles and reduces cheek fat effectively. See How to Do Fish Exercise? 1. Cross your lips and Suck in your cheek so that your face should look like a fish mouth 2. It would be very effective if you would try to smile while doing this exercise. 3. Try to hold the position for 5 seconds and repeat at least 10 times. Lion Face To Tone Cheeks 4 Lion face exercise is effective because it Stretches the facial and tone cheek muscle. See How to Do Lion Face Exercise? 1. Inhale from the nose and squeeze your facial muscles while doing so. 2. You need to exhale from your mouth and roll your tongue down as much as you can stretch. 3. Hold both positions for 10 seconds and repeat 4 times. Flying Kiss Exercise 5 It is very beneficial in toning up lip muscles and reduces extra fat from the area. 1. It is very simple as you need to blow kisses in air 2. You need to repeat this for 10.

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