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Fat accumulates on our body anywhere, which is why it’s crucial to burn it as much as you can. The fat that accumulates below the shoulder and in the armpit area is because you haven’t been wearing the proper bra. Sometimes, this creates a problem when you wear a skin-fit dress. You will ruin your mood if you have to go to a party soon but don’t like the dress which is new. These exercises listed here will help you reduce fat in that particular area: 1

1. Lying Chest Fly

2 Lie on your back and then bend your knees in order to make a right angle, straight above your hips. Now using light weights, move your hands from side wards to upwards, making sure that your elbows are slightly bent. You are going to feel the burn and would help you in maintaining a good posture of body throughout the day.

2. Pull-Ups And Chin-Ups

3 Pull up your body above a bar and come back to original position. This exercise will not only provide you grip strength, but tone your chest as well. You will notice a good weight loss soon.

3. Chest Press

4 Lie on your back with your legs bend across the end of the table. Now using small weights, you have to push your hands towards the ceiling and then lower your arms towards the floor, bending your elbows.

4. Standing Reverse Fly

5 Stand in a relaxed position, holding small weights in your hand. Now push your hands forward, keeping them low, while you lean forward. Bend your knees a little as well. Now bring your hands to the side, keeping your arms straight. Repeat this several times.

5. Pulling Weights

6 Lie down on your stomach with your legs straightened. First move your hands upwards and lift your chest along it, and then push your hands backwards, towards legs. Bring back to the original position and rest your chest for a while. Repeat the steps.

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