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From tablets to laptops, technology often dominates our lives and our free time. When you start to feel overwhelmed and tired, you may want to unplug from constant updates and learn to relax more. However, this could feel tough to do since there are so many opportunities to get drawn back into wasting time away on technology. Learning about some positive habits you can form may help you with this issue.

1. Learn More About Your Health

When you first realize how strained your eyes feel or how your neck hurts after intense smartphone use, you may seriously reflect on smartphones and health. Understanding the connection between the two can help you understand just how serious this problem is.

What We Can Learn From The Health Psychology Definition | MyTherapist

An increase in disrupted sleep patterns and intense headaches can happen if you often use your phone. You may even suffer from pains in your shoulders and wrists as well since hunching over and typing for long periods of time can leave you aching. Learning more about these complications can help you seriously detach from a bad habit.

2. Schedule Time Visiting Others

Trying to quit all social media and technology could leave you with tons of extra time on your hands. Instead of feeling tempted to jump back into bad habits, you can schedule time out of the house and away from most of your devices. Making sure to turn your phone off or leave it in your pocket while meeting up with others is important when trying to break this habit.

These days out can help you focus on the future instead of the past, which is helpful when trying to get into a new frame of mind. Your old worries and bad habits can weigh you down if you think and ruminate on them constantly. Experiencing new and enjoyable situations may allow you to see a brighter future and give you healthier ways to spend your time.

3. Focus on Mindfulness

When the world around you feels so fast, it may seem like there is no other option but to speed up as well. Being deliberate about slowing down and practicing mindfulness can give you another way to deal with stress and your emotions. Instead of reaching for your smartphone when you notice boredom or anger creeping up, try sitting and thinking about your feelings.

Asking yourself questions about why you are reacting this way can help you get to the root of the problem. Using your smartphone as a distraction can seem enjoyable and calming at first, but it can also leave you stressed when the initial problem you feel worried about does not get solved. Thinking mindfully can give you a healthier way of dealing with your inner emotions.

4. Make A Bedtime Routine

At the end of the day, it can be very easy to slip into a pattern of using your phone to fall asleep by playing games or watching videos. Although you may initially think this method is helpful, the bright light of the screen and the noises coming from the smartphone can leave you feeling more awake. Getting a routine in place to calm yourself before you turn your lights off is one way to get a better night's sleep.

This routine could involve warm tea or reading a book in the evening. Doing work on a laptop while sitting in bed may cause you to associate this stressful task with that area. Making sure you only associate your bed with relaxation and calm is important.

Find New Ways To Handle Your Technology

Staying aware of how often you pick up your phone or open your laptop can help you eventually break this habit. When you add more events to your daily schedule and think seriously about your actions, this can cause a positive effect on your technology usage. Detaching from an unhealthy connection to your phone or any other technology can change your mental and physical well-being.

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