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One of the hardest parts of weight loss is losing weight from specific spots. Although there are exercises that help in removing fats from particular spots of your body, spot reduction in most cases is not easy. One such are area of body is our back, where people find it tough to eliminate fats. To target your back, you will not only need to switch over to healthy diet but also include exercises that will tone up your entire body. Indulging in right cardio and strength training can give you desired in matter of few months. All you need is to follow the tricks with dedication and patience. Scroll over to find few tips on how you can reduce back fats forever :

1. Focus On Weight Training

Image: Source We all know that it is essential to do the cardio workout of 45 minutes for 4 to 5 days every week. This helps to speed up metabolism and increases heart rate. However to lose weight from your back, along with cardio workout you will need to do some weight training also., Weight training is important to sculpt on your muscles as they work on muscle fibres and helps to evenly tone up the body. Make sure that you are able to train with the weights without straining your muscles.

2. Try Planks

Image: Source Planks are considered to be a good choice to burn fats from your back. Planks not only work on core but also stabilize your back muscles and give you a correct posture. To the planks with weights, place 2 dumbbells on the ground and get your body on push-up position. Place your palms on the dumbbells and position your body straight for 20 to 30 seconds. Follow the 20 to 25 reps. To increase the difficulty level, try lifting the dumbbells in one hand.

3. Do Not Ignore the Push-Ups

Image: Source Push-ups are widely considered as chest workout, however push-ups also eliminate fats from your back. Push-ups work on your back extensor muscles and work on your abdominal muscles that provide stability to your back. To get a sculpted back with push-ups, lie on the floor with face down and hands on your sides. Keep your feet hips width apart and ensure your palms are shoulder width apart. Raise your body off the floor and allow your feet and palms support the weight of your body. This will be your starting position. Push your arms until they are straight, hold the position for few seconds and return back to starting position. Make sure that your body is straight while you are doing the push-ups.

4. Follow Healthy Diet

Image: Source To eliminate fats from your back, you will need to cut on your calories and follow a healthy diet. Include foods that rich in protein in each of your meals. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables in raw or cooked forms. However avoid frying them. Switch to brown grains and include poultry products like milk and eggs in your diet. Eliminate frizzy drinks and processed foods and keep a check on salt intake. Even on cheat days, do not over indulge in treating yourself as this may bring back the calories you have lost over the days.

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