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Ask any young girl today in regards to beauty and their thoughts on beauty. You are likely to listen to an answer saying I just don’t to be seen as a beautiful face but an overall beauty figure. Yes, the completely toned body with that oomph factor is what a lot of younger generation is aiming for. Now a day’s beauty involves not just a person’s face but person’s overall appearance. And when we talk of overall beauty, body shape and fitness does count. Girls and women today want good looking legs and thighs -to give them that new age cool and fitness freak look. Scroll over as we bring you a few simple exercises which can be added to any current fitness schedule and results can be fitter, toned up- awesome thighs :

1. The Wide-Stance Pile Squat

1 Image: Source Stand with your feet more than shoulder width apart and turn your toes inwards. Drop your body to squat position, you should feel the stretch in your inner thighs. Let your body weight come onto left feet and lift your right leg to outside of your left leg. Return back to starting position and follow 20 reps on each leg.

2. Single Leg Squat

2 Image: Source Develop your leg strength, flexibility and improve balance with single leg squat. Stand with your feet together and extend your arms in front of your body. Balance your weight on one leg, squat down and extend the other out as far as possible. Slowly return back to starting position and follow 15 reps on each leg.

3. The Side Plank Lift

3 Image: Source Side plank lift strengthens your thighs, lower back and obliques. Lie on your side. Lie on your right side and bring your body up. Keep your forearm extended and palm on the floor. Extend your left leg straight out and bend your knees. Place your right foot flat on the ground behind your left leg. Let your body fall on to your right leg and lift your left leg and bring it to right knee. you should feel the stretch on your thighs. Hold the position for 2 counts. Follow 15 reps. on each leg.

4. Side Leg Lift

4 Image: Source Lie down on the floor on your side with your legs together. Place your elbow firmly on the floor and palm on the back of your head. Raise your right leg up to shoulder level and hold the position. Slowly start lifting your left leg also and bring it next to your right leg. Return back to starting position and follow 15 reps on each leg.

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