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A great looking body starts with chest and probably this is why people across the world not only want 6 pack abs but also chiselled chest. You can sculpt your Pecs with some of the best chest exercises like barbell press, bench press, machine decline presses and other such isolation and compound exercises. However whether you indulge in dumbbell press or dips or any other chest workout, you may not get desired results. This generally happens due to a few common errors that you might be making while training your chest. Scroll over to explore the mistakes you make while training your chest and how you can avoid them :

1. You Neglect Your Upper Chest

1 Image: Source If you want to sculpt your chest well and want it look aesthetically appealing, then make sure that train your upper and lower chest. Include incline movements to concentrate on upper portion of your chest. Similarly for your lower chest portions make sure that your workout involves decline movements. You must keep in mind that while you can isolate chest muscle on its own you cannot isolate upper and lower chest muscles. Make sure that you target your upper chest at the beginning of your workout to get optimum results.

2. You Do Only Bench Presses

2 Image: Source Bench press is said to best workout to build chest muscles. However solely doing press movements again will not allow you to reach your goals. Whether you do barbell bench press, incline bench press or dumbbell press, your movements are pretty much same. In order to build muscle mass in your chest, include isolation exercises like cable crossover or dumbbell flys. This will allow you to hit your chest muscles from different angles and will activate your muscle fibres.

3. Overusing Machines

3 Image: Source Another common mistake that people often do is sticking on to machines in the gym. Machines should ideally be used at the end of your training session to fatigue your chest completely. Include dumbbells and barbells in your chest training to build muscle stabiliser. Additionally free weights allow you to target your chest from different angles which is not possible with machines as they move in one arc only.

4. Form

4 Image: Source While training your muscles you must take care on the way you perform the particular move. Do not do the exercise in the wrong movement as it will not give you any results. Make sure you lift only as much weight as you can and do not overload yourself with it. Aim to gradually increase the weights while doing the exercise and instead make sure that you follow correct way of doing the exercise. According to experts, you must work on your muscles and not the weights. The idea is to get your contract your muscles rather than moving the weights.

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