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Its summer time and you want to flaunt your pretty nails. But are tired of same nail art that you were using last year, don’t you wish that you had some designs for your nails this season. Well girls your wish has just got granted as we bring a unique 3D nail art that is trending around these days. You will need to practice these arts a couple of times, it will require patience and your attention as well. So let’s get ready to explore these unique designs :

1. Corn Nails

1 To make 3D corn nail art, you will need base coat, yellow nail paint and metal net. Apply the base coat and then apply several coats of yellow nail paint. In between each coat of yellow nail paint apply the base coat to prevent yellow looking too dark. Once the nail polish is almost dry, press the metal net over it to get the imprint and remove it immediately. Let the design dry. For better results, grease the metal net slightly. In case a nail paint coat get smudged do not remove it, instead apply another coat, more the layers of nail paint coat, better will be effect of nail art.

2. Strawberry Nails

2 For strawberry nail art you will need base coat, red colour nail paint, green nail paint and toothpick. Apply base coat and then apply several coats of dark red colour nail paint. In between the red coats apply the base coat as well to prevent the nail paint appear too dark. Check the depth of nail paint with help of toothpick. If the depth is not enough, apply few more coats of nail paint. Once you get the desired depth, let the nail paint dry and when it gets 90% dry, use toothpick to create a strawberry like texture. Draw out thin curve at the base of finger in green colour nail paint.

3. Berry/Grapes Nails

3 For Grape nail art, you need tin foil, mustard seeds, purple nail paint, toothpick and base coat. Pour a small amount of purple nail paint in foil and roll in mustard seed with help of a toothpick. Apply 2 coats of purple nail paint over the base coat. When the nail paint is still wet, start placing the mustard seeds using the toothpick. Ensure that mustard seeds are wet to get the bonding. Make a bunch of mustard seeds on your nails to make it appear as grapes bunch. Using a thin nail art brush dab purple nail paint to finish the design. In case the mustard seeds don’t get the desired colour, wait for the coat to dry and apply another coat of purple nail paint.

4. Custard Apple Nails

4 To make custard apple nail art you will need green and white acrylic colours, sesame seeds, green nail paint and base coat. Mix green and white acrylic colours and paint the sesame seeds with it. Apply 2 coats of green nail paint over the base coat. While the nail paint is still wet start placing sesame seeds over the nails with help of a toothpick. Ensure that sesame seeds are wet to get the bonding. Add sesame seeds slightly over lapped to create a custard apple look. To finish, dab a coat of green nail paint over the nail art and let it dry. If you don’t get the desired colour apply another coat of green nail paint. Instead of acrylic colours you can even use nail paint to colour the sesame seeds.

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