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Weight loss seems to one common objective that everyone aims to achieve at some point of their life. Today there are many weight loss centers which use different technologies or provide diets that claim to reduce weight. However these methods of weight loss are only temporary and people tend to gain weight back once after they leave these diets or techniques. Scientists and researchers have found some effective tips that will help to lose weight. Read on and follow these tips to see an amazing difference in your body :

1. Drink Water Before Meals

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We all know water is the key to lose weight. According to experts you must drink ½ litre of water about half an hour before meals. This boosts up the metabolism and helps to burn more calories.

2. Eat Eggs For Breakfast

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According to studies replacing eggs for breakfast with grains will make you feel less hungry, add fewer calories and reduce fats from your body.

3. Drink Black Coffee

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Coffee is packed with anti-oxidants which are beneficial for your health. The caffeine present in coffee boosts up your metabolism by 3 to 11% which helps to reduce fat by 10 to 29%. However ensure that you don’t add any sugar, milk or other additives to your coffee.

4. Drink Green Tea

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Green tea contains antioxidants called catechins which work together with the caffeine content of green tea that enhances the fat burning process.

5. Use Coconut Oil For Cooking

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Coconut oil is high in medium chain triglycerides which boost up metabolism by 120 calories a day and reduces your appetite which makes you eat 256 lesser calories.

6. Consume Glucomannan Supplement

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Glucomannan is a fibre rich supplement that easily absorbs water. It sits on your gut for some time making you feel fuller and thereby reducing calorie intake.

7. Cut On Added Sugar

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While purchasing food products, check the labels if they contain any added sugars. Avoid consuming foods with added sugar as they are the major cause of obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

8. Limit Refined Carbs Intake

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Consuming refined flours is directly linked with obesity. Reduce your consumption of refined carbs such as white flours, pastas or sugar. Refined carbs spike up the sugar level in your body causing you to eat more and have more cravings.

9. Adopt Low Carb Diet

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To reduce consumption of carbs from your diet, it is best to go on a low carb diet and increase your protein intake. This diet will not only reduce your weight but also improve your health.

10. Use Smaller Plates

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A weird trick that helps to people to eat lower calories is to switch the size of your plate. Eating in smaller plates has proven to reduce weight.

11. Track What You Eat

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Count how many calories you are eating. Keep a journal and write everything you eat in it. This helps you understand how many calories you are eating and you will be able limit intake of foods that are high in the calorific value.

12. Carry Healthy Food Alternatives

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Instead of adding excess calories by eating unhealthy foods while you are at your office, carry some healthy alternatives like nuts, fruits, baby carrots or boiled eggs with you. This will prevent you from snacking on fast foods.

13. Brush Teeth After Dinner

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After having dinner, immediately brushing your teeth will automatically prevent you from snacking again.

14. Eat Spice Foods

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Spices like cayenne contain metabolism boosting compounds which reduce your appetite and thereby aid weight loss.

15. Aerobic Exercises

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Aerobic exercises are one of the best exercises to blast of belly fats. These fast paced cardio workouts help you to burn calories, improve your health and. reduce weight.

16. Lift Weights

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In your weight loss process it’s not only important to lose fats from the body but also you must aim to build muscles and get toned up body. To achieve this follow resistance training by lifting weights. Lifting weights spikes your metabolism and prevents muscle loss.

17. Eat Fibre

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Eating fibre rich foods aids weight loss as they increase your satiety and keep your stomach full.

18. Fruits And Vegetables

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Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients and low on calories. They are also very high in fibre and water content which keeps you stomach full.

19. Chew Slowly

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Do not eat your meals in rush, eat slowly and chew your food well. Eating slowing results making you feel fuller and this way end up eating fewer calories. Chewing food properly also allows your digestive tract to absorb food and this again aids to weight loss.

20. Get Sound Sleep

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Get sound sleep to lose weight. Studies prove that there is direct link of sleep with obesity. People tend to eat more if they are awake till late night, which results in adding excess calories and weight gain.

21. Give Up Food Addictions

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Give up on your addictions of eating unhealthy foods. You might be having a habit of having a dessert or fast foods like burgers, but these foods add to your weight gain. To lose weight, give up on your addictions to these foods and switch to healthy foods.

22. Eat Protein

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Proteins are considered as key to your weight loss. According to various studies, proteins boost up your metabolism and by keeping you satiated it allows your body to consume lesser calories.

23. Whey Protein

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Adding whey protein your diet increases your lean muscles and you tend to eat lesser calories.

24. Give Up Sugary Drinks

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Whether its fruit juices or soft drinks or sodas, they are all high in their sugar content. Sugar and sugary drinks are bad for you as it increases your weight and is proven to be harmful to your health. Instead of drinking fruit juices, it is best suggested to the fruits.

25. Eat Single Ingredient Foods

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Eating foods that are made with many ingredients will have some form of fats or carbs instead eat foods made with single or few ingredients. Eliminating foods that are made with many ingredients will easily get absorbed by your body and won’t add excess calories.

26. Don’t Diet – Eat Healthy

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Diets do not work for a long duration, instead of dieting, follow a healthy diet that will nourish your body, keep you healthy and make you lose weight in a healthy way.

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