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The old wisdom says “art imitates reality” but or is it the other way around “reality imitates art”. A lot us especially the ones working or even students come across peers, colleagues, clients or guest who would look at you stare, think, ponder and then tell you that you looked like someone they knew or know in a different part of world. Is it your duplicate, twin brother/sister, lookalike or a doppelganger for a better use of vocabulary? But what if you went on a historical journey to go to a museum and found you had a figure known or unknown from the history staring from the photo frame who looks like a mirror image of your own. You will be surprised and stumped at the same time, wouldn’t you? Here are some who did actually see this happening in a real life, see it for yourself and judge the best or the closest resemblance :

1. Meet your own self at museum

1 Image: Source

2. Is this a coincidence or what?

2 Image: Source

3. He is dumbstruck to his see his doppelganger here.

3 Image: Source

4. This one real close except the outfit.

4 Image: Source

5. Call it a miracle or sheer matter of chance, he does resemble the man the Samurai Armour.

5 Image: Source

6. From his hair to his expression, all of it perfectly matches the man in the picture.

6 Image: Source

7. Did she jump out of the picture, the hair, the curls and the dress- it’s all one and the same.

7 Image: Source

8. He has the same killer attitude –get ready to get killed.

8 Image: Source

9. Doppelganger from half a century ago is just as good as today.

9 Image: Source

10. Ok so the new version seems to have lesser arrogance.

10 Image: Source

11. Are the twins or share same forefathers?

11 Image: Source

12. She has cute look alike.

12 Image: Source

13. A handsome hunk finds a handsome doppelganger.

13 Image: Source

14. Indeed this seems to be a reconciling of two lost souls.

14 Image: Source

15. A painter’s imagination turns into reality.

15 Image: Source

16. This baby is so happy to find her doppelganger- so cute.

16 Image: Source

17. Doppelganger-well almost.

17 Image: Source

18. This one is interesting.

18 Image: Source

19. From the ancient age to the modern day today – they match to perfection.

19 Image: Source

20. Look at the heads.

20 Image: Source

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