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Remember the days when as a child, you would find moon to be like a face of human being or a sun like yellow colour ball. Well your imagination wasn’t wrong.

Everything around us has something similar in some form. It may not be just human beings looking like someone, but also a credit card looking like a t-shirt or a puppy looking like an Alf. Scroll over to find some interesting combinations of look alkies’ and get ready for daily laughter dose : .

1. Who is copying who

20 .

2. An apple that has face of an owl when it’s cut into half.

19 .

3. Green pepper and Sylvester Stallone have a lot in common.

18 .

4. A cat that look like batman.

17 .

5. Cat has learned has how to look like chicken.

16 .

6. This leaf is just perfect to fit as “Scream” mask.

11 .

7. Did you notice the uncanny resemblance between the ripped designs on the tights just like “Burj Khalifa”.

12 .

8. This little baby has an expression like the face of Wallace Shawn.

13 .

9. This cat will remind you of master “Shifu”.

14 .

10. Scar has similar face cut like Khal Drogo.

15 .

11. Mr Potato head has a twin called Steve Harvey.

10 .

12. An open school bag appears to be like smiling whale.

9 .

13. A candle holder has a cut pattern that reminds you of Patrick.

8 .

14. Probably Cher’s hat was inspired by Sea Urchin.

7 .

15. This tree trunk and the wild Hog have a lot in common.

6 .

16. Bacon strip and Dolphin are inseparable.

5 .

17. Robert Pattinson must have asked the hair dresser to give hair a feather duster look.

4 .

18. Both Adrian Brody and the little monkey are so cute, almost same look-alikes.

3 .

19. Crocks and his mask have something in common.

2 .

20. Designers took inspiration from Arizona green tea for Rihana’s outfit.


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