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We all have good days and then there some days that just don’t seem to fall in right place. You may be in a bad mood or you may not be willing to speak to anyone. But there are always some things that can put you back in right mood. Here we are talking of pictures, some of them depict the innocence, some are the moments of sheer joy and some exhibit the hidden love behind them. Scroll over as we bring you some of the best pictures that will certainly put a smile on your face and melt your heart away:

1. This kitty is calm and confident that everything is fine when “I am there”.

1 Image: Source

2. The best ride you can ask for.

2 Image: Source

3. That’s how you are taught to have your milk.

3 Image: Source

4. A perfect example of love and life.

4 Image: Source

5. Christmas is coming.

5 Image: Source

6. This is what real love and bonding is all about.

6 Image: Source

7. They are friends for life.

7 Image: Source

8. The best ever gift baby could ask for.

8 Image: Source

9. This is how you break free and breathe fresh air.

9 Image: Source

10. The joy of saving a life is clearly seen on this fireman’s face.

10 Image: Source

11. Enjoying every bite of cookie.

11 Image: Source

12. Picture perfect pose.

12 Image: Source

13. Cat’s new found love.

13 Image: Source

14. The tiger loves the ice zone.

14 Image: Source

15. All you need is your best friend to hug.

15 Image: Source

16. Which one is cuter, the little toddler or the little bird?

16 Image: Source

17. Time for the buddies to relax.

17 Image: Source

18. This little puppy gets applause by the crowd.

18 Image: Source

19. Love has no boundaries.

19 Image: Source

20. Celebrate life every day.

20 Image: Source

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