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In pursuit of perfect weight you may sometimes get obsessed and you try harder and harder to achieve your weight loss goals. However each time you get on the weighing scale it doesn’t seem to move a bit lesser than it was last time. Have you ever wondered why this happens? The reasons can be simple but yet not ever thought of. It could be because in garb of eating healthy you are eating too many calories or you still not able to give up on fizzy drinks -sodas. Is it the carbs or the calories or your low proteins intake? Scroll over as we explore all the possible reasons that are coming in between you and your weight loss goals :

1. You Losing Weight But You Are Not Realising It

1 Image: Source In the first few days of your weight loss journey, you might lose weight, however it will not reflect on your weighing scale. This happens because body weight fluctuates and also due to how much water your body is holding. Another factor is the hormonal changes that the body gets with your new routine. Another reason is that you lose fat but at the same time you gain muscle mass which gets reflected as body weight on your scale. Instead of basing your weight only on scale, see the changes in your waist line or see how your clothes fit you.

2. You Don’t Track What You Eat

2 Image: Source Another important factor that why you not losing weight is because you don’t keep a track of what you eat. Writing a record or clicking pictures of your food helps you to identify which are problem foods that are adding extra calories in your diet that are preventing you from achieving your weight loss goal.

3. You Are Not Having Proteins

3 Image: Source Proteins form an essential part of your weight loss process as they boost up your metabolism and make you eat lesser calories. Proteins also reduce your cravings and prevent you from chomping on fast foods. Ensure to eat protein rich foods at breakfast to keep your body satiated for a longer duration.

4. You Are Eating Too Many Calories

4 Image: Source When you are on weight loss journey, it is important that you keep a watch on your calorie intake. You may not realise this but certain foods are very high in their calorie content which hinders your weight loss. Track your calorie intake and eat within the calorie limits.

5. You Are Not Eating Whole Foods

5 Image: Source Instead of consuming processed foods or refined foods, try and eat whole foods that are free of additives and artificial substances. Try to eat single ingredient foods that are more healthy and nutritious.

6. You Are Ignoring Weight Lifts

6 Image: Source Another vital factor that reflects on your weight loss is resistance training like lifting weights. Lifting weights helps to build muscles, reduces fats from the body and gives you a toned body.

7. Binge Eating

7 Image: Source Binge eating is a lifestyle disorder in which an individual keeps on eating large quantities of food. Even if you are eating healthy foods but you are in habit of binge eating, you are still adding on excess calories. This becomes yet another reason that why you are unable to beat your weight loss goals.

8. You Are Not Doing Cardio

8 Image: Source One of the best forms of keeping your body active without causing strain is to indulge in cardio exercise. Adopt simple cardio workout like cycling, jogging, swimming or even walking. These forms of exercises activate your metabolism and burn excess calories.

9. You Are still Drinking Sugary Drinks

9 Image: Source Whether it’s a fruit juice, frizzy soft drinks or an energy drink, they are all fully packed with sugar. Sugar is one of the major causes of obesity and it must be avoided to lose weight. Eliminate all these beverages and you will notice that in no time you will start losing weight.

10. You Are Not Sleeping Well

10 Image: Source Just as your diet, your sleep too plays a vital role in your weight loss. According to studies, people who do not enough sleep are more susceptible to weight gain and obesity as they tend to eat more. Aim to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep to keep your metabolism working properly

11. Not Cutting On Carbohydrates

11 Image: Source One of the easiest ways to reduce weight is to go on a low car diet. A low carb diet eliminates excess calories from diet and it improves your metabolic rate by keeping HDL cholesterol and blood sugar in control.

12. Eating Too Often

12 Image: Source Most of the fitness experts suggest taking 5 to 6 healthy meals a day to prevent your body from having cravings for fast foods or sweet foods. However this trick may not really prevent you from eating more and you actually end up adding more calories. Also unlike popular belief it does not improve your metabolism.

13. Not Drinking Enough Water

13 Image: Source It has been proven through various studies that water has a direct link with weight loss. People who drink water 30 minutes before meals tend lose weight more than those who don’t. Drinking 17 oz of water also improves upon your metabolism and burns more calories.

14. You Don’t Give Up On Alcohol

14 Image: Source Alcohol is one of the major contributors to excess calories in your body. To keep your weight in control you will need to reduce your alcohol intake and ensure that even if you do consume them you don’t add any frizzy drinks to them.

15. You Are Not Chewing The Food

15 Image: Source While eating your food you must ensure that you eat food mindfully and do not gulp the food down. You must chew your food well, savour it and relish it. This trick helps you to stay satiated for longer duration making you have lesser calories and helps you to reduce weight.

16. Medical Condition

16 Image: Source Certain medical conditions and medications spike up your body weight. Some of the conditions that make it hard for you to lose weight are sleep apnea, hyperthyroidism and polycystic ovarian syndrome. In such cases you will need to seek advice from your medical practioner to understand what you can do to reduce weight.

17. You Don’t Give Up Junk Foods

17 Image: Source If you are addicted to any of the junk foods, try and give it up now. If you don’t give up on your junk food addictions you cannot lose weight.

18. You Starve Yourself

18 Image: Source In order to lose weight if you have been following a diet from too long, take a break from it and add a few more calories in your diet, get some more sleep, lift weights and aim to gain lean muscles.

19. You Have Unrealistic Weight Loss Expectations

19 Image: Source Keep your weight loss goals simple realistic and achievable. Do not aim to get a model-like body. Even if your body is taking time to reduce weight it is ok, just continue to eat healthy and follow an exercise regime. Each individual has different body composition, so it not necessary that you will lose weight at the same rate as others.

20. You Are Too Focused On Dieting

20 Image: Source

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