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We all admire our parents for who they are and love them for bringing us up. But often we think that we are a lot ahead and are cooler than our parents or grandparents. However if we see around us today the fashion trends are back from 60s, the in thing is from the vintage and classic series and people love to get themselves shot with classical looks. To give you of glimpse of how cool life was in those golden days and how our parents were smarter than us in those days, here we are presenting you 18 pictures of the days gone by. Scroll over to travel back in time and find young, hip and happening and blissful photos of our parents:

1. My Mom at the age of 16 with her Camaro in 1975

0 Image: Source

2. Romance had a different language then, a husband sculpting his wife’s face.

2 Image: Source

3. Ever thought of becoming a tank instructor, take inspiration from this woman.

3 Image: Source

4. Our Dads were great at surfing, we should take our surfing lessons from them.

4 Image: Source

5. This is how you actually tame your horses.

5 Image: Source

6. That’s a real way to do skateboarding.

6 Image: Source

7. Barbecue home, barbecue at beach, ah no our parents were best to have barbecue at submarine, isn’t that really cool.

7 Image: Source

8. This image certainly proves that our moms were better models and trendier than us.

8 Image: Source

9. Back then men were real studs and a lot better looking than the Hollywood celebs of today.

9 Image: Source

10. This is how selfies were clicked in 90s.

10 Image: Source

11. A romantic drive for bride and groom after the marriage ceremony.

11 Image: Source

12. Awesome boots with a trendsetting outfit and vintage car, picture perfect is all that you can see here.

12 Image: Source

13. Guess what our dads were not just better drinkers but were also great at the balancing act.

13 Image: Source

14. It’s an amazing feeling to wake to a fighter pilot dad, proud kid.

14 Image: Source

15. She is the winner in finishing off her pie ahead of others in the group.

15 Image: Source

16. Only if men were as cool as him today.

16 Image: Source

17. That’s a real fun with scuba diving.

17 Image: Source

18. Joint wedding was cool idea to celebrate the occasion back then.

18 Image: Source

19. Skating was equally popular in those days, here’s a picture of a lady skateboarding of the year 1974.

1 Image: Source

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