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As soon as you get pregnant, a new life breathes through you. Pregnancy brings about a complete change in your body and your mind too. Many of your clothes may not fit you anymore or you may have mood swings. To make your pregnancy easier and to keep you calm during this tender period, you will need to follow a few tricks that will deal with little difficulties that you will face during this time. Scroll over as we bring you some of best hacks that a mother to be must follow to make her pregnancy easier:

1. Instead of purchasing a new jeans or trousers in every trimester, clasp a hair elastic through the button hole to the catch.


2. If you want to keep your pants buttons open, make bands out of stretch tank tops and wrap them around your waist.


3. If you struggling to keep your food down, drink up a glass of lemonade with potato wafers.


4. Try some yoga poses under supervision of qualified instructor to handle nausea.


5. You don’t need to buy too many bras during pregnancy, buy a couple of sports bra that will stretch anyhow.


6. Another way to save to save up on bras by using bra back extenders.


7. To cool down your body, place your bras in freezer before wearing them.


8. Invest in good pregnancy pillow to allow yourself a comfortable sleep.


9. Never sleep on your stomach while you are carrying baby in your womb.


10. Combat acid reflux with apple cider vinegar.


11. Keep a stock of diapers, nappies, baby sheets – the list goes on ready before the arrival of your baby to prevent last minute trips to stores.


12. Similarly keep medical supplies for baby ready before his/her arrival at your home.


13. Get a few joggers pants that will be useful even after your delivery.


14. To get relief stomach pains and pregnancy related inconvenience with Kinesio tape.


15. If you need to go for waxing during this time, de-sanitise your body.


16. Settle your leg spasms with water and bananas.


17. Keep yourself hydrated as a part of your food and water is goes to your baby too.


18. Take a multi-vitamin or calcium as advised by your physician to deal with your leg issues and keep yourself in good mood.


19. Strapless Striped Bra.


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